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Stitch Fix: December Addiction

I’m a sucker.  I am.  I just am and I can’t help it.  I got suckered back into my Stitch Fix subscription addiction.  They offered me a free month!  What was a girl to do? Um…totally buy this super cute blouse and earrings I wouldn’t normally go for!!  Oh geez…. What’s that?  You want to… Continue reading Stitch Fix: December Addiction

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June Stitch Fix: Part 2

Today has been a little bit of a compliment sandwich.  We finally got the inheritance check at the senior center that we’ve been waiting on for a year, I had to fire an employee, and then I had my Stitch Fix waiting for me!  I know I dog my weight from time to time but… Continue reading June Stitch Fix: Part 2

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Lookin’ Snappy!

Today I wore an outfit compiled of Stitch Fix winners! The top is from my recent June Fix  and the pants are from my February Fix .  I just love it when it all comes together! Advertisements

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June Stitch Fix ~ Part 1

I just can’t get enough of Stitch Fix!  Maybe I have a spending problem.  Maybe I’m a shopaholic.  Maybe I just live in a tweny tiny town with nothing, and I mean nothing, in it.  Recently Stitch Fix decided to offer multiple shipment options to match the needs and desires of the shopper.  I, of… Continue reading June Stitch Fix ~ Part 1

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May Stitch Fix

This last month I’ve taken strides to improve my health.  Of course I plan to blog about it…once I actually start to make any progress.  Regardless, I was feeling ready and excited for this month’s Stitch Fix.  My stylist was Jinnah again and I couldn’t be happier.  This month, she picked for me the Renee… Continue reading May Stitch Fix

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April Stitch Fix

I have officially recovered from the Girl Scout Cookie Binge-a-thon of 2014.  I’ve also snapped out of the guilt ridden self-esteem smack down that unfortunately followed.  I’ve weighed myself, I’ve worked out a couple times, I’m ready for refocusing time. This month I was ready for my fix.  I updated my style profile by adding… Continue reading April Stitch Fix

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Week in Pictures: Week 13

Oh life.  It’s been stressful and busy this last week.  I apparently didn’t feel inspired enough to snap some shots so here is a naturally washed out selfie pulling off my latest stitch fix. Advertisements