Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love thursday

1:  Sugar Cubes  I don’t know why but ever since I moved here I’ve been using sugar cubes in my coffee.  I’ve always thought they were super cute and the idea of tossing in a few lumps makes me smile every morning.

2:  Snowshoes  My parents got C and I snowshoes for Christmas and they are so much fun.  Our favorite winter hobby was going to the gun range in the snow which is great because there usually are very few people there.  The range, however, has been blanketed with a thick layer of snow which get’s difficult walking through to set up your targets.  Let me just say, snowshoes are an incredible invention.  Sure you still sink in up to your knee caps but it’s way less labor intensive and you don’t sink quite as far.  Plus there’s a great clearance created which lessens the likelihood of snow getting all over your pants.

3:  doTERRA Arbor Vitae Essential Oil  I recently bought this because this tree is referenced in my area quite a bit.  OMG I am in love with this oil.  It reminds me of something woodsy from my life and even though I can’t place it, I’m in love.  Definitely makes my home feel cabinesque.

4:  Dehydrated Bananas and Apples  Through the unpacking, I finally unearthed the dehydrator C got me for Christmas 3 years ago that I never got to try.  Our first batch of apples and bananas is delicious!  It’s really easy and fun to monitor progress.  It usually takes a day or two depending on the item so it’s kind of quick, right?  Next up I’m going to try strawberries and kiwi!

5:  Maytag Bravos Washer and Dryer  Sooooooo…..the Money Pit strikes again.  The washer that came with the house kept flooding the utility room so I finally had to break down and buy a new set.  All I know is that I wanted a top loading front loader and a large capacity barrel.  That is when I found this handsome pair.  One look and I was in love.  So sleek.  So efficient.  So capable of washing my comforter.  You sing to me.  You make me feel life an adult.  I love you Maytag Bravos.  I love you.

6:  Soft Pretzels  Oh Wisconsin…you and your soft pretzels….how dare you!  Ugh!  It all started at the local brewery with their delicious German soft pretzel appetizer with beer cheese dipping sauce.  Then my aunt had to go and have soft pretzels one night at our weekly Sunday popcorn.  Weeks later and I couldn’t stop thinking of those damn pretzels!  Every time I went grocery shopping, I’d look casually around the frozen isles for these tasty little pretzels and could never find them!  That’s it.  I’d had it.  I knew where they could be found.  So I went out of my way to pick up a box and I just know they will be the death of me.  They are so insanely easy to make and delicious….it’s cold out, I need insulation….this is a good thing…right?


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Oh. I love sugar cubes. I have them in my desk drawer at work for my afternoon cup of tea 🙂 They’re more convenient to have around then loose sugar.

    I feel like our money pit strikes, too, right now (so many things we need to get for the new house!) and we purchased a washer and dryer set last weekend. I am so excited to finally have my own washer/dryer though… we’ve been going to the laundromat for AGES.


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