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Stitch Fix: December Addiction

I’m a sucker.  I am.  I just am and I can’t help it.  I got suckered back into my Stitch Fix subscription addiction.  They offered me a free month!  What was a girl to do?

Um…totally buy this super cute blouse and earrings I wouldn’t normally go for!!  Oh geez….


What’s that?  You want to feed your subscription addiction?  Check out Stitch Fix via my referral code!


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: December Addiction

  1. Don’t tempt me!! 😉 I have wanted to try Stitch Fix for a while, but I just can’t justify it right now… maybe later this year (I’ll make sure to ask you for your referral link before I order a box!)

    The blouse is supercute, btw!!


    1. Thanks! I fell for it immediately! I have always found at least one item in every Stitch Fix I’ve received. I just know you will love it!


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