Looking Back Part 5

The final chapter.

In case you missed Part 1Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4, I am reviewing my 100 in 2015 To Do list.

81:  See a sports game in person

The only time I really like sports is in person.  I love the fans, I love the snacks, I love the real time game, I love throwing confetti and cheering loud.  I love the experience of a sports game in person.  Too bad I never got around to making this one a reality.

82:  Write a short story

I want to get my creative juices flowing again and had hoped life would allow for this task to happen.  Maybe next year.

83:  Treat myself to something from Tiffany & Co

Dreaming big of something pretty but alas, my senses got the best of me…

84:  Join the NRA

I may not choose to do this.  Once C did, they never sent his complimentary bag and hounded him for more donations and money.  I know they help to maintain our gun rights but I hesitate in supporting corporate agenda that may not align with my own.

85:  Meet San in person

I thought this would happen!  I know we both wanted to meet but unfortunately life had different plans.  Someday it is in the cards.  She’s too cool not to finally meet!

86:  Attend a gun class

Lots of gun related stuff, sorry if it offends anyone.  I thought it in my best interest to attend a class because the more you know the safer you are.

87:  Get the quad serviced

Well, I sold the quad this summer so didn’t have to get this one done.

88:  Get a blue tooth speaker

C actually got this for me and I love it!  It’s water and shock proof and I love that I could take it into my garden or to work or where ever I want.  Extra bonus, it has great sound quality and bass!

89:  Get a mani pedi

Even though I kind of used this to cross off my spa goal, I’m still crossing it off.

90:  Get an alignment on my truck

I did, but unnecessarily.  It turned out to be bad tires but I didn’t find that out until after spending a couple hundred dollars.

91:  Go to the BC convention

This was an unexpected but totally worth while event!  I am so glad I made a decision to go and in reality, it was a way of me deciding to really make a go at this.

92:  Have a yard sale

I actually had two!  Granted I piggy backed onto Smother’s sales but I still sold my crap!

93:  Sell the shed

Oh it just kills me.  I hate when people tell you they will help you do something and then 3 years later the shed is still laying on the ground waiting to be assembled.  At least C bought it off me so I am done with that heartache.

94:  Attend a PEO Chapter WA event or meeting

So what if it was my going away party, I still got to see all of my special lady friends!

95:  Read and apply Peg’s book

I’m still working my way though her book and have applied some of the techniques along the way, but moving put a damper in my extracurricular reading and I hope to finish this excellent book soon.

96:  Win a contest

I won the giveaway from Four Hands Creations!

97:  Complete a craft project

I’ve started a few but have yet to actually finish anything…

98:  Have a $5,000 month in BC sales

Not even close.  The closest I got was just over $2,000

99:  Join a club

I momentarily joined a book club until I decided to move.

100:  Experience something brand new

I know there are a few experiences that fit this bill but of course I am drawing a blank to all but one.  I bought a house.  That was way brand new for me.  And a very big brand new something at that.

Well, 43 items out of 100 accomplished.  Not quite 50% but some of those lost relevancy when I moved.  Other’s, like forming new habits, were pipe dreams to begin with.  I do, however, appreciate the idea of having a list of goals to accomplish over the year and I love that these goals can be small or large, significant or not.

What did you accomplish from your list in 2015?


2 thoughts on “Looking Back Part 5

  1. Awwww, #85 made me smile (and blush!)…. this needs to go back on the list (on yours and mine!!).

    And I am so happy that it was YOU who won our giveaway!! 🙂


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