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Looking Back Part 4

In case you missed Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I am reviewing my 100 in 2015 To Do list.

61:  Ride a horse

I really thought this was going to be possible since Fren owns horses and is always up for a ride.  I’m not really sure why we never did this but now the year is over and she is 2800 miles away…

62:  Wear my Bramin bag

I have owned this luxury handbag for almost 2 years and have still yet to wear it.  Right now it is tucked away somewhere in my moving hoard and I do love this handbag but have been living out of my even fancier handbag since I bought it.  This just goes to show you how money sits around doing nothing for no reason.  Well spent, I know…

63:  Try an infrared sauna with so sound

I don’t even know exactly what this is but it was offered at the spa where I got acupuncture.  My clinician said it would be really good for me and my condition but I never got around to trying it before I left.

64:  Soak in a hot spring

Finally!  I finally soaked in a hot spring!  Granted it was luke warm in a grungy tub but that mineral water was from the earth so it totally counts.

65:  Make homemade pizza

L & A did this often and it was so much fun creating all of these different tasty pizza’s.  Still on the to do list.  Still there.

66:  Throw a themed party

I have a secret desire to host a themed party where my guests come in costume.  Like a Mexican party or an ugly Christmas sweater party or something…

67:  Make a new friend

I had this marked off but can’t think of who my new friend is.  I know I made “friends” but no one that became a lasting close friend.

68:  Have a spa treatment

I know I spa myself all the time but there is something about letting someone else pamper you.  I actually just crossed this off my list since last week my aunt and I went and had a pedicure!

69:  Have a zsa zsa kind of fabulous night

I really wanted to have an excuse to get super fancy and go and do something equally as fancy and awesome and wonderful and rich and extravagant.  A girl can dream…

70:  Wear a tank top in public

I’ve never done this before.  I have lunch lady arms.  And again, this would have only been possible had I actually accomplished items 4, 14, 15, 23, 39, 58, and 60.

71:  Clean up tent

I know when I refer to these “tent” you are probably picturing a little 3 man camping tent, but I am actually referring to huge garage tents.  Essential to off grid living.  I had been using one for various reasons and needed to tackle getting it cleaned up, which I did.

72:  Host a BeautiControl spa

Which I did by coupling it as a fundraiser for the senior center!

73:  Get one BC recruit

Which I did within the first two weeks of trying and ended up with 6 more over the span of 9 months!  Some of those have and will drop off but at least i accomplished my goal!

74:  Buy a 22 rifle

DONE in the nick of time…like seriously on December 31st.  Be still my heart, there was a pink camo 22 and she’s beautiful and badass!  These rifles are easy and fun to shoot but not really designed to take down a bear.

75:  Get my truck fixed

Another one I get to cross off this month!  C kind of creamed the back end of my truck with the Rhino last year so we got it fixed here in Wisco and saved over $1,000 by waiting.  Now it looks brand new again!

76:  Buy the cabin in Wisconsin

I honestly had no idea I would actually do this and kind of put it on the list as filler and because I had been debating the option since October 2014.  Wow.  To think I put such a huge item on my list and actually pulled the trigger.  If I accomplish nothing more, this would suffice it all.

77:  Start doing yoga

I did yoga sporadically about 6 times over the year.  I did download a whole program onto my iPad that I can do without internet.  Still an activity I have high hopes of integrating into my life for functionality reasons.

78:  Attend a PEO meeting

Which I did in May and have now joined the local chapter in Wisco and attended 3 more meetings here!

79:  Get my teeth cleaned

Meant to do this before I moved and again when I went back.  I guess it’s time to find a good dentist in my new location

80:  Clean out camper bathroom sink cabinets

I actually accomplished this prior to moving because it was a disaster.  I can handle a mess but my OCD kicks in after too long and I just need to organize my life!!  I think this may also be a control issue…

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Looking Back Part 4

  1. Aren’t spa treatments the best? I went to a spa for the first time in 2015 and it was marvelous!

    Also, let’s ride horses on the beach!

    I desperately need to get back into yoga!


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