Looking Back Part 3

In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2, I am reviewing my 100 in 2015 To Do list.

41:  Quit a bad habit

I’m not telling you what my bad habit is.  If I were proud of it, I wouldn’t need to quit said bad habit.  I was almost successful but fell off the wagon. Still trying though which is really something to be proud of.

42:  Journal in the Q&A book every day

I’m up to date!  I don’t always remember to write in it every day but the questions are often about life and not that specific day so writing ahead or catching up is easy.  I love the format of this journal and will enjoy seeing how my responses have changed over 5 years.

43:  Shampoo the camper couch

Well…I lived in filth long enough and shampooing the camper couch is no longer my concern.

44:  Shoot my gun

When I wrote this down, I had owned my hand gun 5 months and never used it.  It took me another month to finally get around to it and I am so glad I did!  It’s fun!!  I know there is a lot of controversy about guns right now, and I am hesitant to get into the depths of how I feel, but I am glad to have it.  I do think I am better off when shit hits the fan, which it will, and I will not go down without a fight even if it means taking flight into the forest to live as a nomad for the rest of my days.

45:  Host a breakfast hangout with L & A

Oh L & A, my mountain friends….I always threatened that I would make them come over to hang out with me at 6 am since I always hung out with them until after midnight.  I’m a total grandma people.  8 pm to bed sound perfect to me.

46:  Mail Terrance’s gift

It took me 7 months but I finally did it.  My friend sent me a Christmas gift and I failed to send her’s on time…or even in a timely manner.  So I sent if for her birthday in June.

47:  Pay off Credit Card

One of the greatest joys of moving was paying off all my debt after selling my stuff.  I managed to keep them paid off until now, which I am still hopeful come time for my January payments.  A lot has happened with the animals and life and I just don’t have the income to support the extra’s right now.  But fingers crossed that a 2016 miracle occurs!  I love being debt free!!

48:  Cancel Birchbox

I was attempting to simplify my life and decrease the money going out to useless crap.  I was officially subscription addiction free…until October….

49:  Cancel Stitch Fix

Again with the addiction.  I did cancel this service for most of the year but they sucked me back in this month with a free fix.  GAH!  But it was free so I’m counting this one as a success.

50:  Buy a second external hard drive

I haven’t officially gotten this done but have gotten a new computer with an equal amount of memory…

51:  Clean up and download all devices

Happiness is knowing all of your information is saved externally and all of your devices are synced and updated.

52:  Look into returning to school

I don’t know.  I swore after the rejection of 2011 I would stop trying.  It’s just this nagging bit in the back of my mind that I never finished college and that my future probably depends on me doing so…

53:  Have a homemade crystal dig with L

L, my mountain friend, was always trying to get C and I to go to the Saline Valley in CA for a camping trip and crystal dig.  I could never get C organized enough to want to go so I kept saying I would create a crystal dig at home.  Unfortunately this never happened before I moved.

54:  Purchase CAT stock

I think I bought two shares this year on two separate occasions!

55:  Complete the Sexiest Month Ever challenge

That would be the full challenge that this list came from.  It’s on the books.  I am still hopeful, but it may not happen in 2015.

56:  Buy a complete business suit

I shopped online and even tried one on, but never pulled the trigger.

57:  Volunteer somewhere for something

I can’t count my senior center work in this even though I donated my time for a lot of things.  Looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t accomplish this!  I am usually a gung-ho volunteer person and the only thing I can associate this too is my moving and the chaos surrounding all of the change.

58:  Try Crossfit

Wow, I had high hopes for a fit new year.

59:  Attend a festival

Before I left, I got to attend the Summer Arts and Music Festival in Benbow.  I got to hang out with my dear friends from up north and even C hung out for an afternoon which never happens!

60:  Run a 5K

All I hear is laughing…

To be continued…..


6 thoughts on “Looking Back Part 3

  1. I’ve never had multiple subscriptions at the same time, but yeah, as of right now I cut them all out of my life (I need my hard-earned money for our house). 🙂

    Let’s get you ready for a 5k 🙂


    1. We are home owners now! Can you believe it? We are discovering lots of unexpected cans of worms here…at least our hard-earned money will be well invested!



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