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Looking Back part 2

In case you missed Part 1, I am reviewing my 100 in 2015 To Do list.

21:  Try 5 new recipes 

I not only tried 5 new recipes, I tried at least 14 new recipes in the last year and probably even more than that.  I love trying new concoctions and especially love doing so now that I have a functional kitchen!

22:  Revamp my casual wardrobe

Le sigh…I still dress like a bum 90% of the time.

23:  Lose 60 lbs

I maybe lost 3…

24:  Integrate oils into my lifestyle full time

I did!  I have tried relentlessly to prove those oils wrong but they win every single time.  I love having switched my life to a more homeopathic approach and these oils are amazing!

25:  Buy one gold bar

Still on the must do list.  I like to have my eggs very well diversified in several nests.

26:  Buy a Keurig coffee maker

Best purchase I ever made.

27:  Start journalling

I am happy to say that I have.  I bought a really sweet new journal even though I have a million of them, and started pouring my heart out.  I hesitate because I don’t want someone to read my thoughts and feelings but the reward of writing surpasses the fear.

28:  Be a better boss

I worked really hard at changing my management style before I moved and felt I had accomplished this goal successfully.

29:  Add $5,000 to savings

I did…but then I had to spend it on the downpayment for my house and moving expenses.  I kind of felt like I shouldn’t cross this off because that money isn’t there anymore, but I didn’t challenge myself to maintain an additional $5K in savings, but to add it to my savings….

30:  Increase IRA contribution to $300 per month

Well…my intentions were admirable but not having solid work kind of blew any additions to my IRA out of the water…

31:  Go for a diagnostic assessment

I tried.  I applied to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota but they rejected me because I lived in California at the time and they couldn’t see how they could continue treatment on me.  Funny, that sounds more like a capitalistic approach vs a loving concern for my health.  Just saying….  When all I really wanted was just diagnostics anyway.  Ok Mayo Clinic, throw away the first $30K because you can’t sponge more than that off me.  That sounds logical.  Yes, I am still bitter…

32:  Visit Fishy

This actually happened twice!  First we met in Ukiah, CA for the weekend and then she popped out to Wisco a few weeks ago!

33:  Buy a Fitbit

Oh the joy’s of the Fitbit.  Another great purchase I am happy I made.  I wanted to know exactly how lazy I am (I average 4,000 – 5,000 steps per day) and motivation to up my movement (I strive for 10,000 steps per day).  I have the Fitbit Zip which is basic and monitors your steps, calories burned, and distance.  There are other more fancy ones out there, but until I actually accomplish goals like items 4, 14 and 15, I will never accomplish goals like item 23.

34:  Finish this list

Yes, I made finishing this list as a line item on this list.  It’s hard to think of 100 things to do, experience, accomplish, or change in a year.

35:  Reorganize storage and purge

I’m crossing this off because I did reorganize that particular storage situation and moved it across the country into my garage.  BUT I have purged a LOT of stuff from my hoard.  Approximately 4+ truck loads or more.

36:  Get furniture out of tent

This did in fact happen. Finally.  I was disappointed that mold had taken it’s toll on several pieces and rats devoured the couch, but the bed was untouched and most of the valuable furniture was salvageable even though several pieces need repaired.  Take my advise.  DO NOT store furniture in a tent, in the forest, for two years.

37:  Blog about purge

This was a goal set for my friend Angelina.  We have been on a dual purge-a-thon for almost 5 years together.  We send each other updates and are teaming up to take back our lives.  Working together is motivational and exciting.  I love to hear of all the money she makes selling her stuff.  Although I blogged about some of the purging I did, I don’t feel like I can mark this off since I didn’t blog about a lot of it…

38:  Finish the Odd Thomas series

I am so close to being done!  I am a quarter of the way through the very last book!  I am anxious and sad to finish.  What a great series.

39:  Take 15,000 steps in one day

I’ve gotten so close, but have yet to achieve this magnificent feat!

40:  Organize pots and pans cabinet

This was written before I even knew I was moving and the camper cabinet was out of control.  Not enough room for normal living essentials.  I did organize but it was hard to maintain.  But I did do it.  And I have organized my new pots and pans cabinet so this is a double win.

To be continued….


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