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Looking Back

I know it’s not even Christmas yet and looking back at the past year is usually reserved for the last week of December, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the 100 in 2015 challenge from Katrina at  ‘Sota is Sexy last January.  Even though I never fully made it through the 31 day challenge (I have high hopes of doing so at some point), the one item I fully embraced was my list of To Do’s for the year.  Here is my progress report for 2015.

1:  Call my parents once a week on Friday’s – Habit

Though I got better at talking to my parents more often, I unfortunately never formed the habit I was hoping for.  At least I am talking to them more than once every couple months now.  Don’t worry, we text more often than we talk, but still…

2:  Facetime with my brother, SIL, and nieces once a month – Habit

Though I had the best intentions, I think we Facetimed once in all of last year and that’s because my mom was Facetiming with them and I happened to be there.  Bad Auntie….very bad Auntie….

3:  Vacuum the house once a week – Habit

LOL that’s all I’m going to say….

4:  Have a 3 song impromptu dance party twice a week – Habit

I LOVE a good impromptu dance party but was never able to coordinate my spaz attacks into an actual habit for exercising purposes.

5:  Have salad for breakfast once a week – Habit

I loved this part of the challenge and was actually surprised that salad for breakfast was awesome!  However, I never eat breakfast so I never formed the habit….

6:  Eat breakfast – Habit


7:  Send cards all year for birthday’s and anniversaries


8:  Learn and use 5 new hairstyles

I don’t think I even learned one….

9:  Blog at least once a week – Habit

I tried.  I planned for it.  But life has a way of changing your plans….

10:  Plan and take 3 mini trips

This actually happened!  C and I went on an Oregon adventure one weekend in February, I met up with Fishy at Vichy Springs in April, I went to Texas for a conference, and I flew to CA a couple weeks ago!  Major success!

11:  Start a garden mushroom side business

This is still on the back burner.  A lot happened this year and I was limited on creative space.

12:  Plan and take 1 big trip

Even though I was moving, I think a 5 day drive across the country counts as one big trip considering I travelled through 8 states!

13:  Plan 1 super big trip to take in the next three years

Nothing is official but I have started to toss around ideas….

14:  Join the gym

I dream big

15:  Work out twice a week – Habit

I really dream big

16:  (Re)learn to knit or crochet

I did it!  I picked up some materials and started to crochet again!

17:  Complete one yarn project

I may have started my blanket but right now I can only cover about 6 inches of a queen size bed.  This may take awhile…

18:  Learn to can

This has been on my to do list for about 5 + years…..

19:  Create a 2 week preparedness kit

I can’t believe I still haven’t done this.  This is kind of essential, don’t you think?

20:  Take myself out on a date

Sure I dine alone, or shop alone, or do a lot alone, but I can’t say that I’ve officially taken myself out on a date.  I know it seems silly, but it might end up being the best date I’ve ever been on…

To be continued….


6 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Oh boy, you are probably going to think I am crazy if I tell you that I talk about 3 times per week with my parents 😉 (but hey, at least, you live close to them now!).

    A garden mushroom side business… that sounds awesome!

    A 2 week preparedness kit is definitely a good idea… although, what natural disaster’s are there in WI?

    I love your goals list btw and the review. I should make one.


    1. I LOVE that you talk to your parents often! I know my issues are deep seeded within myself at no fault of my parents. I love them so much, I’m totally working on that one. And I agree, after 13 years of only seeing them once a year, I am incredibly blessed to be closer to them again. I know you can relate to that!!
      Um….I’m not sure what disasters could happen here…I always thought to do it in CA because of earthquakes and tsunami’s!!
      I would LOVE to see your goal list next year, do it!!


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