And I was doing so great up until the point my previous life reared its ugly head.  And by ugly head I am referring to no internet at the camper.  I was doing so well to!  I had daily content and only a few days left and pfoooo the ending failed to uphold.  Typical me but I really thought I had it this year!

So here’s what’s been happening for the last six days:

I worked yep, I spent a day surprising everyone at the senior center.  I also got a grant report and some other stuff done but had the most fun just seeing everyone I love and miss so dearly.

I gambled about three times.  Once failed, once maintained, and once a winner coming home with a hundred dollar bill.

I slept in seriously 5 different beds in 2 hotels, 1 friends’ house, and 1 camper.

I shopped for necessities of course! And then had to ship them to myself because my suitcase was already one pound too heavy when I flew out here.

I loved getting to see a handful of friends and old neighbors, especially my Fren who happened to have surgery while I was here.

I rolled with the punches because my flight got delayed this morning and I can’t get another flight out of here for two days.  Lame!  


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