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Thoughts and Observations While Traveling

Being in my head alone is one thing, but being in my head while traveling is a whole other ballpark.  Here are some noteworthy gems as I travel across the country once again.  Enjoy.
That’s so clutch

Airport Chinese

Wisconsin Kardashian

Men in skinny jeans

Men in peg rolled skinny jeans

Paying for luggage vs the asshole who checks his bag at the gate

People who look like other people

Cool guys and cop stashes

Noticing trends in the guys I’m attracted to

Realizing I’m not noticeable

Thinking about the fact that men touch themselves when going to the bathroom

People who need my BeautiControl

FB memes that bug me: This year for Christmas I want my friends and family to be happy and healthy. Like and share if you agree

When the airplane cabin fills with jet fuel fumes…

Men with delicate fingers

What are all these people listening to with their headphones on?

Did the girl in front of me just have a seizure?

Girls who scratch the snatch in public

You never see any bugs on airplanes

Ever notice how the first class seats are always full?  Are you telling me that there are people willing to pay the higher price for every first class seat on every plane?  What is the percentage of free up grades?  Is the frumpy girl in her spandex and fuzzy uggs a a rich kid, a free upgrade, or a wealthy person who totally looks like a middle class college student?

Butt dancing on an airplane and fighting the urge to totally bust a move

Watching strangers connect

Reminders of Super Crush

Passengers on the plane:  are they going home?  Are they going someplace new?  Is CA just a connecting stop or a final destination?


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