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Saturday Seven: TV Addition

You can tell a lot about a person by what they expose themselves to.  I had been living off of dvd’s and Netflix for years.  I haven’t had cable for 14 years and tv for 4 years.  Now that I live in Wisco, I decided to cancel my Netflix and give tv a try.  The jury is still out on whether or not this was a good decision, but just like living here, I’ve made a two year commitment.

The best part of my service is that I have DVR so I’m not a slave to the programs I like.  I still feel in control without missing something I may enjoy.  In reality, there are way too many channels to pick from and there are only a handful of programs I like to watch on a regular basis.  That being said, here are the top seven programs I enjoy.  Judge me, I don’t care.

blog post sat

1:  Supergirl  I’m having a hard time getting into this even though I’ve only seen the first episode.  Episode 2 and 3 are hanging out waiting to be watched and I’m not sure what my hold up is.  I love the idea of this show and the characters are interesting.  Maybe tonight I will catch up.  I know I am going to love it.

2:  Scream Queens  This show…I liked it more in the beginning but it’s kind of dragging on in a lame way.  There’s no way this will last beyond one season.  It’s so ridiculous but there are some characters that are pretty funny.  Is it sad I’m looking forward to this train wreck to be over?

3:  Survivor  I’ve been watching Survivor for years.  It all started as an excuse to hangout with my friend Fren.  I would come over, her husband would make us dinner, and we would watch survivor.  Every week.  This also morphed into Big Brother night…three nights a week.  I enjoy Survivor but prefer Big Brother.  In honor of my Fren, I’ve been watching Survivor and it makes me feel closer to her even though we are miles apart.

Wow…so far I only kind of like the programs I watch.

4:  American Horror Story HOTEL  I am a huge fan of American Horror Story.  Maybe it was from living with a horror fanatic for eight years that developed my love for the macabre.  This season has had plenty of twists and some pretty twisted ish that does inspire some gut wrenching quease.  But I am intrigued.  I love how the plot and the characters are developing.  This is one show I look forward to every week, even if I do have to watch little people reality tv afterwards for some brain wash so I can sleep at night.

5:  Keeping Up With the Kardashians  Sorry, not sorry.  I love trash tv.  I love watching people.  I can’t really explain why I like these people so much.  They are the epitome of what’s wrong with societies influence.  Maybe I am old enough to recognize the ridiculousness and materialism, because I do worry about the influence on younger generations…..

6:  90 Day Fiance  Again with the reality tv.  This show is interesting to me.  Are these people just trying to get an American visa?  I’m a little sickened by the guy who is 58 who brought over a 19 year old Philipino girl who is younger than his daughter.  I’m not too sure the Jamaican guy actually likes his fiancé.  The poor Israeli fellow has a girlfriend who is totally self centered and I feel bad for him.  Not really sure the girl from Prague knows what she’s getting herself into.  And the 39 year old guy bringing over the 22 year old girl from…somewhere…is a total creepster and has a history of cheating even though I personally can’t understand the attraction.  He still lives at home with mommy and daddy!  Hello!  I also feel bad for the girl from Thailand.  I can’t believe her guy actually lets her live in a roach infested crap hole.  Welcome to America!  Welcome to the reality that the streets are not paved with gold and the welcome wagon forgot to swing by with your fame and fortune.  I’m a little unnerved by some of the age gaps and you can say what you will about age just being a number, but I’ve been in a relationship with an 18 year difference.  It doesn’t work.  And I also think there is something sick about a guy willing to marry someone younger than his kids.  EW!  It will be interesting to see how these couples fair over the 90 days.

7:  Home Fires  Now this is a show I can stand behind.  Of course, most of what is shown on PBS has a more wholesome note.  I started watching this during Sunday night popcorn with my aunt and uncle.  It’s set in England in WWII.  I love the story line and the characters.  It’s funny and has just enough drama.  I love how the ladies ban together.  This is a great show.

So, what are you watching?




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3 thoughts on “Saturday Seven: TV Addition

  1. I’ve been threatening to cancel cable for several years, but there are several shows I’m glued to. Perhaps if they all end up on Netflix, I’ll make the jump and just be a season or two behind. I’m currently addicted to :

    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Blood & Oil
    3. The Dead Files
    4. Fargo
    5. Better Call Saul
    6. The Whispers (now cancelled)

    Loved American Horror Story too, I need to catch up..


    1. You’re watching several that I’ve heard are good! May have to reinstate my Netflix for to catch up on old seasons. Unfortunately my internet isn’t unlimited or I would stream them!


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