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A Pleasant Surprise

Last night I was invited to attend a Silpada party by a woman I had met recently through my PEO group.  I was nervous, but put on my big girl panties because, well, hello!  I need to meet new people and network and I love home shopping parties.  I will never forget the absolute awe at my first home shopping party.  I couldn’t even tell you what my mom was selling, but she hosted a Christmas stop and shop and I was completely dazzled by the display of beautiful things and the extra touches of Christmas not normally adorning our living room.  As you can see, my love affair with home shopping parties began at a tender age.

Over the years, I have attended, supported, hosted, and sold a variety of well loved items.  Everything from Pampered Chef, Home Goods, Partylite, BeautiControl, Silpada, and more.  Perhaps it was a Mid-West thing or just a rave of the 90’s, but it seems like home shopping parties have been on the decline as I’ve gotten older.  I still get completely dazzled, but am more responsible in my spending….most of the time.

So last night, I ventured off into unchartered territories and found myself walking up to this beautiful house in the woods.  I was greated by this delightful woman, full of energy, with exclamations of excitement to see me even though she had no idea who I was.  My punctuality problems have the dark side of arriving before others which always makes me feel a little awkward because I am surprisingly socially awkward.  The hostess had a smorgasbord of hors d’oeuvres and drinks.  This may have been the first home shopping party where not only wine but a FULL BAR was available for the guests to enjoy.  I awkwardly poured myself a glass of wine and snacked on something deliciously hammy and cheesey and unexplainable. The Silpada consultant had a beautiful display of jewelry presented around the room, encouraging us to peruse and try everything on.  I began to ease into the scene as more people began to arrive.  I started to see a few faces of ladies from my PEO group and friendly faces made the effort to get to know me.  I am very friendly, I am just not always comfortable or initiate the getting to know you conversation.  I like to observe.

I busied myself trying on different bits and scouring the catalogue, checking prices and items not on display.  I chatted with the ladies, ate some food, and prepared my shopping list.  I debated for thirty solid minutes on one incredibly awesome bracelet but decided if it wasn’t an easy decision, I should probably pass.  The consultant was sweet and offered me her full discount if I really wanted it, but knowing the percentages us direct sale girls make, I couldn’t take advantage of her kindness.  I just told her to keep me in mind for her next party or event.  I ended up purchasing some incredibly beautiful, to me, pieces.

Silpada Blog Post

One by one we placed our orders while the rest of us relaxed around the living room enjoying a variety of cocktails and wine.  Most of the ladies knew each other so I got to sit back, listen, and observe.  Some of the conversations surprised me as they were tart and sassy as the alcohol began to take effect.  No one was intoxicated, just having a really good time.  When I felt ready to leave, the girls were all so lovely in wishing me a safe drive home and hoping to see me again soon.  They joked that I was going to go home and call my friends in California to tell them how boring the ladies were.  I laughed and replied that I was actually going to go home and call my friends in California and tell them that these ladies were way cooler than I expected!

It’s true.  I wasn’t expecting these people, who I stereotyped as closed minded, to be so spirited, funny, and not uptight.  I am so glad that I got to see this side of Wisco.  I needed to see this side of Wisco.  Not only did I have a really great time, I met new people, made a new friend, and even booked a spa party.  I’m glad my ego and my fear didn’t get the better of me.  Part of this journey is to be open to experiencing everything life has to offer.  I learned a valuable lesson on judging my environment and walked away with a pleasant surprise.



NaBloPoMo November 2015


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