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Five Things Thursday

It’s been difficult for me to adjust being in Wisco, emotionally.  I feel like I left a part of my heart and soul in California.  I feel the way I did thirteen years ago before I moved out there, like something was missing.  I didn’t realize it was going to feel this way since I am usually pretty good about moving forward.  I miss the smell, I miss the mountains, I miss the way of life.

I’ve now been at my new place for just over 7 weeks and Sunday was the first time it started to feel like home.  In an attempt to embrace change, I am going to list 5 things I love about my new life.

1:  I LOVE Sunday night popcorn and Masterpiece theater with my aunt and uncle.
Soon after moving here, my aunt and uncle picked me up in the boat and had me over for a peaceful evening.  Sunday night has now become a new tradition!  What’s awesome about this is that for years I had been dreaming of Sunday family get togethers.  I always found myself a little jealous of people who had family close enough to engage with them on a regular basis.  Now one of my ultimate dreams has come true!  Typically dinner consists of popcorn, cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, fruit, and of course WINE.  I head over around 4 and we visit for a few hours before House Fires and Indian Summers begin.  Our conversations are always interesting and I am always pleasantly surprised that my aunt and uncle enjoy the time together as much as I do.

2:  I LOVE that my animals are happy.
It was tough on my brood living in a cramped little camper.  Willy used to be shunned outside and Orion was starting to go confinement crazy.  The winters were especially hard since there were four animals and two humans stuck inside while it rained.  That’s a lot.  Seriously.  Now that I have moved, there is so much room for my animals to live.  Willy has finally become a house cat and Orion has a little more than 32 feet to explore.  Seeing them all flourish makes my heart happy.  This is one reason that I could never return my family to camper life.

3:  I LOVE working from home.
I am naturally a hermit and this big house makes being home alone for days on end exciting!  I love having my new office set up and functional which makes producing an income possible while not having to face the world.  I love the freedom of wearing my pajamas all day and the ability to form my schedule around what I want to accomplish…..or not.

4:  I LOVE the view.
I always have been and always will be a sucker for a great view.  I shamelessly pick the seat with the best view when dining out and don’t care that I shouldn’t be so selfish.  As fall is turning into winter, the leaves have all fallen from the trees, opening my view of the lake more and more.  I still can’t believe that I live here.  I still can’t get over how pretty it is.  It brings a special calm to my heart and I am so thankful for this precious opportunity.

5:  I LOVE living on the grid.  
It’s so quiet!  I don’t have to break my back filling the generator or worrying about the propane running out and my food going bad.  I love having cable and a hot shower and a fireplace.  I love being able to run into town easily.  I love having a mailbox.  I love cell service.  I love having internet.  I think it was a great experience living off grid as a perma camper.  It teaches you survival and what you CAN live without.  It also helps you appreciate modern conveniences that most people take for granted.


2 thoughts on “Five Things Thursday

  1. I can imagine that adjusting to a new place is always emotional and difficult, but look at these 5 wonderful things that have changed for you because of it!! 🙂 I do have to come visit this beautiful house with a view sometime 🙂


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