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A little gussied up.

Pinterest is a beautiful thing.  Where else can you find fabulous ideas for sprucing up, well, anything! In the midst of the unpacking chaos, I’ve been working hard at getting one room completely in order.  My office / craft room.  The full room redo will be debuted in a future post since I’m still working on getting it all put together.  I did, however, stumble upon this brilliant idea which I executed this week.  For some reason my eye has been drawn to the Kate Spade-esque gold accents.  Am I a flashback to the 80’s?  Perhaps, but I’m loving it.

I have several of these white storage towers for all of my crafting supplies and decided to try my hand at this pinned idea.  And here are the before and after pics. 

A little shiny gold spray paint.
This is a hardware organizer that I picked up at Ace and turned into a chic office supply center!

And my bargain bin’s turned snazzy storage!

I love organization, especially when it’s eye catching!  Spark joy people.  Organization doesn’t have to be bland.  What’s the point if it doesn’t make you happy!!
NaBloPoMo November 2015

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