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Friday Favorites: Bathroom Edition

Aren’t you always curious how other people live their lives?  I know I am.  This could be the result of wanting to know people on the soul level even though I’m not really sure how bathroom products plays into that.  Today I thought I’d give you a little insight into what I use in the bathroom!

1:  L’Oreal Professional Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner
I first discovered this shampoo and conditioner about 12 years ago.  My hair was pretty tragic when I found the hair stylist of my dreams.  She not only fixed my disaster but she also got me in line with quality products.  I have thin hair that is easily damaged through color, environment, product abuse, and my own demise.  This stuff is magical.  I love the smell and how my hair feels after washing.  I’ve tried other brands but always come back to this.
2:  doTERRA OnGuard Toothpaste
I finally jumped on the essential oil band wagon back in December and though I’ve tried to discredit the hype, the hype discredited me.  I was given a sample of the toothpaste and was surprised at how much I like it.  As a traditional minty fresh Crest user, it took a little getting used to the taste of this toothpaste.  It has a mixture of peppermint, wild orange, clove, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and myrrh.  Don’t let the combination make you grimace.  It’s more of a cinnaminty flavor and it’s really not bad!  It also naturally whitens, freshens breath, and has the added benefits of health protection.  Win!
3:  Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel
You know how when you go to visit someone and even though you brought your own shower supplies, you can’t help but try out your hostess’ products?  Once upon a time, while attempting college, I went to my friend Angelina’s house and decided to try her roommates soap.  Let’s just say, 17 years later I’m still using it.  It smells fresh and leaves my skin clean and soft.  Added bonus, it’s gentle.  I’m sure some of you ladies may also have sensitive….well….parts.  This stuff is great.  I can be throughly squeaky clean and not regret it later.  The only downside is that I love me some flavored body soap but often avoid it due to the aforementioned obstacle.  I love this stuff so much, I stocked up on two giant bottles before moving across the country just in case.  But you can find this in most national big box stores.  I will give you a little penny savor of a heads up.  Don’t mistakenly buy the little 10 oz bottle for $10 when you can buy the 32 oz for $19 at both Target and Costco.  Just saying.  
4:  BeautiControl  BC Spa Facial
As I’ve mentioned too many times before, I love BeautiControl.  I’ve been using the BeautiControl skincare and cosmetic products for 24 years.  The thing about skin care is that it’s important.  It really is.  I could go into so many reason’s why you should take care of your skin but not today.  I recently upgraded my regimen to the BC Spa Facial line which is designed for people aged 25 – 45.  It has all of the same great qualities as the Skinlogics line with the added benefit of anti-aging and reparative effects.  I am like everyone else.  I’ve tried countless other products and have even gone hippy for four years not washing my face or using just random soap.  I seriously aged 10 years.  It was insane.  After reuniting with my tried and true BC, my skin was instantly transformed.   I get so many compliments on my skin.  The products are great and I’m not just saying that to sell you on them.  I truly believe it.  I use these products along with a few other anti-aging treatments from BeautiControl and I couldn’t be happier! 
5:  Degree Shower Clean Deodorant
Don’t you hate when a deodorant doesn’t work?  I had the hardest time growing up trying to find a deodorant that not only worked but smelled good too.  I’ve tried roll on deodorant, men’s deodorant, natural deodorant, gel deodorant, and about every kind of ladies brands out there.  The search stopped about 18 years ago when I finally found my Degree Shower Clean.  I love this stuff!  It actually works and I love the fresh clean smell.  It’s not cakey and I feel like I’m going to be ok all day.  I’m not an exceptionally stinky person but I know what my stink smells like.  This stuff is awesome!
Have you noticed a trend?  Once I find something I love, I am loyal for life.  Weeeell…sometimes I window shop and sample the goods, but these products have always won me back.  You can’t fight fate when you find quality products that you love so much you aren’t ashamed of blogging about it for free.  
What’s in your bathroom?

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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