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My Planner Addiction

I have a new addiction….PLANNERS.  Crafting and organizing all wrapped into one exciting and addictive new way of living.  And all thanks to my friend San who not only introduced me to planning but who has also linked me up to planner groups and giveaway opportunities.  Needless to say I went a little crazy.  
Through my unpacking, I discovered a planner given to my by my BeautiControl director which I hadn’t really started using yet AND an unused gift card.  What a perfect blank canvas!  So after reviewing how others planner people were applying their personal touches, I did what I do best and started shopping.  
The coolest packaging award goes to The Reset Girl!

Then I took a trip over to inkWELL Press which is all the rave and though they were temporarily sold out of planners, I picked up this cool menu planner and day marker. 
I’ve always been interested in menu planning at home.  I’ve done menu planning for work so I have a little experience with planning ahead, but I felt that I could maybe use this to manage what I’m putting in my mouth, save more money, AND cook from home now that I have a kitchen worth cooking out of.  I intended to start last week but then had company and I want to take my time getting use to this new way of planning.
I also picked up a few other random bits to help give my planner some pizzaz.
FACT:  Up until two weeks ago, I seriously thought this stuff was call WASABI tape.  Thank you San for bringing me up to speed!  LOL 
So I bought some pretty WASHI tape to add to my planner pages! 
So here is my first attempt at being a planner geek.

My mission board for October.
Last week.
This week.

Not bad for my first attempt.  I’ve been slowly creating my weeks and tackling obstacles as they come, such as CHANGED PLANS!  Since I plan in pen and add corresponding flair, it kind of annoys me when something changes.  But thus is the adventure of crafty planning!!


One thought on “My Planner Addiction

  1. GIRL! You can't just move hours away from me and THEN get into planning and robbing us of the opportunity of (finally) getting together for a good ol' planning session… LOL (j/k – sort of).
    All this to say: I am so stoked you're a fellow planner addict. It's so much fun and I can't wait to see what you do with all of this…
    P.S. I hope (fingers crossed) we'll be able to snatch up an IWP planner in November. If they sell out again, I don't know what I am going to do….



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