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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to everyone who has structure in your life.  I wish my life had a little more structure but alas it resembles more of a well blended smokey eye.

Cozy Fires:  I love being in a home with a fireplace again.  Fires are just so cozy and snuggly and homey and I just love them.  I LOVE a good wood fire and I’m not sure how well this gas insert is going to heat the house when it’s -30, but so far I like that I don’t get a headache from smoke and I can adjust the temperature with touch of a button.

Baby Turtles:  One of the things I love about where I live now is all of the wildlife.  While at my Aunt and Uncle’s house this week, we noticed a couple baby turtles meandering around with fresh dirt on their little shells.  After further investigation, we discovered about twenty baby turtles and even more climbing out of this tiny little hole in the ground.  I have never in my life seen something so fascinating and magical.

Etiquette:  I have a secret adoration for etiquette and just couldn’t help myself and snatched this pic when I saw it.  My family and my life are nothing fancy but I have had the luxury of experiencing incredibly fancy moments.  Being fancy on occasion is one of my most favorite things.  Give me a fabulous view, multiple courses, and a great outfit and I will hold my fork in my left hand and nothing more than my wrists will graze the table.  It’s no wonder I’ve been called the Beverly Hills Hippy.

Fall:  I had forgotten how much I love the fall with all the colors changing and the air getting crisper.  Every day is a new spectacular view.  The color wave hugging the lake is delightful!  Sorry California, you ain’t got ish on the Midwest in the fall.

Funny Packing Material:  I recently received a package and it had these funny little cardboard packing peanuts inside.  I have never seen anything like these before.  They were a little pokey but I loved how environmentally safe they were and way less annoying than their fly away styrofoam cousins.

   Integration:  I am happy to announce that we have achieved successful integration between Ninja Cat Willy and Fat Bastard Orion.  After a few baby steps over a few days, I can now leave both cats in the house alone with out fear of blood shed.  This is not only monumental, but essential with winter just around the corner.
**I have no idea why the formatting is funky, but you can just be thankful you’re reading this since the first attempt was completely erased after it was finished.  I love technology.**

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