Friday Facts · life

Friday Facts

Friday Facts

FACT:  I’m totally overwhelmed!!!  I’ve moved a whole house into a whole furnished house!  I don’t even know where to begin!!!

FACT:  You can say what you will about gun control, but I am thankful to have a hand gun.  Last night there were some mysterious tire tracks in my driveway that had not been there before I left.  Guess what slept beside me last night and it didn’t have a pulse.

FACT:  I’m secretly not as devastated to be living somewhere else as I thought I would be.  Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet.  It’s been a looooooong two weeks.  I know I historically move on pretty fast but I really didn’t expect this.  Kind of thankful but wondering when or even if the avalanche will finally hit me.

FACT:  I wasn’t missing much by not having tv for the last 5 years or cable for the last 15.  Now that I have it, there isn’t much on that interest’s me and certainly not enough to warrant $100 a month.  Can I just plug in the dvd player and get back to my Netflix?

FACT:  There is something empowering about being back on the grid.  I can actually function like a normal human being!!  No more generator, no more camper, no more crappy ass shower.  Yes!


3 thoughts on “Friday Facts

  1. I am so excited for you that the move is over and that you have arrived at your new home. Some of the photos look lovely… the view of the lake? Priceless.

    However, YOU HAVE A HANDGUN??? (Sorry, this is my German “I-don't-understand”-attitude towards guns.


  2. LOL I know..I know… I've never really had much opinion about it desire to own a gun. C bought it for me last year for protection from bears and weirdos. It took me 6 months of owning it before I even shot it. Normally I don't even remember I have it but the scary night was the first time I was really glad I had it.


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