T Minus 4 days

The days of limited communication are almost over.  My cache of electronic devices have dwindle down to just my phone since quitting my job and packing my life away.  With only four days until departure, I can’t believe it’s finally here.  It’s times like this I am thankful for my OCD tendencies of hermetic organization.  I have timelines and calenders and to do lists that have sprouted to do list babies who have sprouted even more to do list grand babies.  The last few weeks have been planned and executed in the most efficient and effective manner.  I still regret my decision but the momentum has taken on a life of its own and whether I like it or not, I will be living in Wisconsin in exactly 8 days. 

Leaving has been an emotional roller coaster.  Saying good bye to everyone I love has me wondering what the hell I was thinking.  I think everything I’ve been through has jaded my perception and its only now that I realize how much wonderful I missed enjoying by getting wrapped up in the day to day.  

One thought on “T Minus 4 days

  1. I think you're feeling regret right now because change and transition is always awkward and never easy. While I hate that you're not a few hours away anymore, I am incredibly excited about your move to Wisconsin!


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