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I’m a big fan of sharing links, ideas, and life.  With 1-1/2 weeks to go, I am sitting here at my office wrapping up the loose ends.  One of those loose ends is a bookmark folder labeled “Heather” in which I’ve stored bits and pieces of personal interest over the last 2 years.  Some of which I had completely forgotten about.  So today’s addition is a tribute to my work life link collection.  Enjoy!

PS:  This may be random….

Darryl Cherney Music  Darryl Cherny is an activist and musician residing in northern California.  I stumbled upon his music when the local non-profit and super popular radio station played one of his songs during season.  And by season I am referring to our local agriculture.  And by non-profit radio station I am referring to the fact that they are allowed to play what ever they want, do what ever they want, and report on what ever they want.  So though it may surprise you, the song played was “Sit down turn around trim a bale of ganja.”  I’m sure for some or maybe even  most of you, a few gasps were expelled from your lips and frown lines deepened between your eyes.  Maybe even a few of you cheered a little on the inside.  What ev’s.  I find this song humorous and endearing.  To each his own.

Decadence Whipped Mmmmmmm this lotion is divine!  My friend Fishy knows the creator’s of Villainess and sent me a jar of this delicious concoction!!

13 Reasons Why Adopted Children Are Not Lucky  Because I’m adopted.

16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People  Because I am a highly sensitive person.

Young House Love office ideas  All I can guess is that there were some idea’s I wanted to remember!

Using an Erin Condren Life Planner  Because I super heart organization and loved San’s personal touches!

Pizza Meatloaf Muffins  Because they look so forking good!!

46 Brilliant Life Hacks to Make Life Easier  Some of these are pure genius!

10 Fantastic DIY Shelves  Because A) DIY  and B) shelves!!

DIY Passport Cover  Love it!!

DIY Mini Gardens  Because how dang cute are these little gardens!!  I especially love the fairy garden in the tree!

Subscription Boxes  Because when you have a subscription addiction, you need to know what your options are!

DIY Fairy Gardens  I apparently want to someday make a mini fairy garden.

Forgotten Words  Because I am a word nerd and love finding new words or old words to spice up a conversation.  Have I ever mentioned that I actually enjoy reading the dictionary and thesaurus?

16 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know  Because I am always looking for ways to switch things up!

INFP vs INFJ  This is a comparative explanation about the differences between INFP and INFJ.  I am INFJ and it gives insight into who INFJ people are.  It is a life long fascination of mine to learn about who I am and why I function the way that I do.

10 Ways That Introverts Act Differently With The World  Because I am surprisingly an introvert and I find these traits to be spot on!!

36 Questions that Lead to Love  I am a hopeless romantic and I am always trying to find ways to enrich my relationship.

How I lost 30 pounds through yoga and never saw them again.  This caught my attention because I’ve been interested in starting yoga for health reasons.  When I saw I could also lose 30 lbs, this link was forever buried in my bookmark list.

How to identify and release toxic relationships  I seem to be a toxic relationship magnet.  Not always in my friendships, though I’ve had some doozies, but pretty much every love relationship I’ve had.  At some point I am going to have to break the cycle.

Webs  Because HELLO!  YARN!

Shambhala Ranch  A research find for local get away destinations.

9 American Habits I Lost When I Moved to Germany   Because C is from Germany and so is my friend San (not to mention my dad’s family still lives there) and I am always looking to learn more about German culture and what may or may not make us different.  Plus it’s helpful in those moments when I’m like, “C, are you just being a guy, are you just being German, or are you just being you?”

Enneagram Institute  Because along with your MBTI type, everyone should know their Enneagram! 

MBTI Spirit Animals  And your spirit animal.

Open Your Third Eye  I am so intrigued by mystical stuff….but was too scared to actually try this!!

14 Common Problems INFJ’s Deal With In Their Dating Life  Seeing a pattern yet?  INFJ – Love – Life  le sigh….at least I try!!  Most all of these hit the nail on the head for me!

My personal enneagram results.  This is me.

Public Alien Disclosure  This was on the To Be Read list.  Not sure if it’s a hoax article but the idea fascinates and terrifies me.

Attachment Pairings  Because surprise surprise, I am obsessed with my love life….


One thought on “Link Love

  1. “C, are you just being a guy, are you just being German, or are you just being you?”

    Haha, that made me laugh out loud! 🙂

    I hope things are going well, friend. Thanks for linking to my blog (again!).


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