Awkward&Awesome · life

Awkward & Awesome


Moving to Wisconsin in four weeks and still not having told a lot of people I am leaving.

Wearing make up in the land or granola, hippies, and hairy armpits.  

Being a granola, borderline hippy with hairy armpits feeling like a clown wearing makeup.

Work drama.


The new BeautiControl DNA Creme!  Magic in a jar.  Seriously.  This product actually repairs your damaged DNA on a cellular level using the Immortal Peptide, Ginger Extract, and Smithsonite minerals returning your skin to it’s original blueprint.  Wow is all I can say!!

My sweet seniors, a thoughtful poem, a precious gift, and a heart full of love.

Devious Maids It’s so bad, it’s good.

Finally having something exciting to look forward too.  I may be terrified that I made the wrong decision, but there is something exciting about embarking on a new adventure.  Aaaaaand decorating and remodeling may have something to do with it….or at least pining idea boards!!



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