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Random thoughts while traveling.

Sometimes I wish my brain would produce a printout of the crazy crap that bings around in there…then again…maybe not!!!  Traveling seems to produce an eclectic collage of observations, thoughts, and ah ha moments.  Here are just a few as I embark on this journey to Dallas.

If I had $5 for every F bomb that shot out of my mouth yesterday, I’d be a millionaire….because I don’t really understand why anyone would ever want to live in an area with that much crazy traffic wasting your life away!  I also don’t understand jackassidy people who drive below the speed limit causing everyone to slam on their brakes when there is plenty of room for them to move along into the slow lane.  You have a beemer chick, use it!  I also love how 90 mph feels productive.  I don’t mean to speed or drive in the carpool lane with just myself, I just like to get on with it already!  I’m courteous, I won’t ride your ass too much, and I will move along like you’re supposed to when someone quicker than me comes along.  Courtesy people!  Think about it, do it.
Elephant Bar.  Chicken lettuce cups.  Trust and believe.   You won’t be sorry!!!!!
I always find people who eat alone funny.  I am one of those people and think about the dynamic of such a bold move.  I say bold because there is a large number of people who have a really hard time doing it.  Is everyone watching me?  Do they think I’m a loser?  What should I do?  Stare off into space looking like I actually enjoy dining alone?  Do I stare at my phone and pretend I’m not really alone?  The business men are the funniest of all.  Who brings their entire manbag and work load to dinner?  Are you really that strapped in you can’t take a break?  It is just another way of not being the vulnerable lone diner?  Do people really have that hard of a time being with themselves?  Last night my waiter seemed more awkward by my singular status than I did…which made me feel awkward!  This era of the smartphone is killing humanity.  People watching at the restaurant revealed the startling fact that being plugged in creates more isolation when dining with others than dining alone!  I have experienced that same situation plenty of times.  I try to engage with my dining partners but my dining partners would often times rather engage with their phone instead.  I think I would prefer just eating alone at that point.  Sure I might look funny staring off into space or showing actual enjoyment for the delicious food I’m eating, but my inner world is more than enough to create a memorable experience far more than the feeling of loneliness when dining with other’s who have checked out of reality.
I don’t know why but everywhere I went this morning felt like a million degrees.  Hello!  It’s summer people!  Turn the heat off already!  Put on a sweater if your chilly!  I’m sooooo not a fan of mass sweating in public or after taking a shower.  
Dorky parents having dorky kids.
Pretentious outfits and one rebellious foot tattoo.
And finally, if you’re going to crap your pants in public, do us all the courtesy and use the restroom conveniently located right over there.  Thanks.

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