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Makin’ Room Makin’ Money

The last month has been a roller coaster of emotions and choices and change.  It’s funny how forward motions takes effect when turning over stones.  

As a result, I, we, have started downsizing for change.  Another blog post at another time to satisfy your curiosity.  
A few weeks ago, C allowed me to play manager and we cleared out a trailer that hadn’t been touched since moving out of our houses at Sesame Street.  I was delighted for the opportunity to mannage this project since C typically gets overwhelmed easily and can’t see the tree for the forest with these kinds of projects.  We set up piles for trash, sell, and keep.  At times, he would open a bin and exclaim that this one was a total keeper.  After gentle urging to check out the contents and “make sure” often times all but one or two items ended up in the trash and sell piles.  We’ve posted a few bits on Craigslist with some success and even put a sign on our country road exclaiming Stuff For Sale!  Yesterday I even had the opportunity to join a friend’s yard sale and unloaded a bunch of stuff.  

This was the load I hauled north to sell.

My section at the sale minus a few items.
And now for the part we’ve all been waiting for….
Stuff Sale:  $350
Yard Sale:  $216
Total To Date:  $566
Pending:  $200 for a Sun Light Tent that my friend’s neighbor wants to buy but needed cash.  So fingers crossed that goes through with out a hitch!  Not a bad start if you ask me and I still have two storage units to sift through and the camper and the tents and omg we have so much stuff.  The money is going into a box called Moving Money and the downsizing continues.  Stay tuned for more information regarding the potential changes to come.

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