Ten Things

I love structured blog posts.  Or at least structured blog post ideas!  So here I am, copying one of my favorite blog friends San with today’s Ten Things.

1:  Twitter or Facebook?
I am a Facebooker.  I’ve tried Twitter but can never seem to get into it even though I love to think of myself tweeting.  I don’t know, it’s just so cute!  What am I doing on Facebook?  Facebooking?  Dumb.  But, I enjoy the format and all of my friends.  It’s THE way I keep up with everyone I’ve abandoned who lives far far away. 

2:  Morning person or night owl?
Morning person.  Hands down.  I used to be a night owl.  I’ve even had night jobs.  But over the last several years, I some how converted to being a morning person.  I am my most productive self in the morning.  I wake up at 6:30 am regardless of it being a work day or a day off.  I rise and fall with the sun.  I would happily go to bed every night by 8 pm if I could.  I no longer understand people who sleep in half of the day.  I just feel as though I’ve wasted it all!  Sometimes, it feels naughty to stay up past 11 pm.  Then I remind myself I am an adult and I could stay up as late as I want and do what ever I want….so I do….then regret it. 

3:  How do you drink coffee?
Half decaf half regular with extra cream and one – two sugars.

4:  It’s 9 pm and you have the house to yourself.  What do you do?
Turn off the generator and go to bed!! 

5:  What’s on your nightstand right now?
Since I live in a camper, it’s more of a night shelf.  My night shelf currently has a pile of hair ties and ear plugs….and some pet hair…

6:  What smell do you love?
Coffee brewing….roses….sticky bumps surf wax…men’s cologne…puppy breath…

7:  What smell do you hate?
Lillies…gross farts…halitosis…people who smell like a Boozy McBoozermann

8:  Other than your current home, where else would you like to live?
In a house.  Camper life sucks, just saying.  Location is less important these days since I’ve grown up enough to realize relocating doesn’t take your problems away.  Although in the country without neighbors is preferable.  But closer to town and on grid would also be nice.

9:  If you could only eat one nationality of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I LOVE Mexican food.  I finally had to start eating at the Aztec Grill at the gas station because there are no Mexican restaurants here!  Hard to imagine but totally true!!

10:  When you were 6 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher.  I would play make believe with my toys and take roll call and grade papers.  A natural leader from the start!!


One thought on “Ten Things

  1. Yay for structured fun posts and learning new tidbits about each other!
    I absolutely agree on the “if you sleep half the day, you're wasting a half day” philosophy (although sleeping in is nice sometimes :)).

    I hope you can at least move to a house/apartment sometime soon. I know you love being in nature, but camper life must get hard/exhausting after a while.

    Also, I am thinking of you so often! ❤


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