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Purging Products

With the weather kind of crappy outside coupled with my intense desire to stay in my jammies all day, I decided to make myself be productive and tackle the bathroom products I’ve been hoarding.  After purging my storage I ran across the bathroom box I had packed away with the full intent of seeing it all again after only 4 months.  16 months longer than expected and here we are today.  The bathroom cabinets were a disaster but really only needed a little organization to bring them back to a functional state.  Between the storage unit and the cabinets, I had way too much stuff.  It didn’t help that a year subscription of Birchbox added to the collection of this and that.  So I dumped it all out on the bed and started to sort by use. 
Make up, sunscreens, hair products, body lotions, face products and more.
For someone who never wears makeup, I have a ton of it.  The worst part?  I don’t even like most of it.  So I separated by use, tried stuff on, and only key what I love.
Oh look!  BeautiControl makeup circa 1998!  The funniest part is that last year I bought the exact same stuff because my obviously super old stuff was in storage and probably needed to go for sanitary reasons if nothing else.
I even found a couple more packs of my beloved Prada lip tint that Angelina got me hooked on over a decade ago.
After sorting through eye pencils that I would never wear and lipstick shades from the 90’s, I decided to keep this little bundle of treasure.
After playing with makeup for a good hour, I carefully went through the other products, trying a few but throwing away just about all of it except some lotions and hair products I still need to try.
It’s amazing what products we are willing to hold onto even when we don’t like them.  Here is my successful purge of products and I honestly don’t have any regrets in getting rid of it all.

What kinds of products have you been hoarding but don’t actually use or like?

5 thoughts on “Purging Products

  1. The Prade lip tint! I think I found one of those when we moved to the new place. Those were a never ending stash! Are you tossing your prized gold nail polish? Make-up from 98……I think Jimmy Hoffa may be in your hoard after all.


  2. It always feels good to let go of bathroom clutter! I usually hold on to stuff, because I paid money for it… ha! But what's the point if you are not going to use it and let it expire? 🙂 Right.


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