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A Purge Post

It’s been a while since I’ve purged anything.  I blame this on the fact that I’ve lived in a 5th wheel camper for the past 20 months and my real life is tucked away in several storage units.  How can I purge when I don’t even know what I might actually want when my dreams come true and I live in a house again! 

January had a series of troubling events that prompted a much needed clean up of our property as well as a consolidation of our storage units.  During the transition, I was finally able to access items in a unit I hadn’t set eyes on since we packed it away.  So far, two units have been eliminated and moved into the bigger box.  I took this opportunity to go through some bins, file some paper work, and purge a little of the stuff I’ve been paying big bucks to hoard. 

Here we have a bottle of Restoration Hardware Laundry Fragrance in Beach House that my dear friend Angelina got me hooked on back in 2004.  Yes, that’s right, not only do I love the scent but the bottle is also kind of cool.  (I am a bottle junkie in case you didn’t realize)  After unearthing this treasure, I knew it was time to go.  Though saddened by this revelation, the product had aged to an unfriendly state and the rubber stopper had kind of melted onto the glass rendering the bottle unusable should I ever decide to open it again.  I think I held on for so long because RH discontinued this line and I have resented that fact ever since.
 After not having a place to stretch out and file for almost 2 years, you can imagine the labor intensive job it was to sort through and file all of this paperwork.  SEVEN HOURS to be exact.  But now it is done and tucked away.  Happiness lies in an organized life.
I worked my way through a lot of bins and bags and boxes and have reduced my loot from two storage units into this little pile in the corner.  Unfortunately, my possessions dominate the final unit but I am waiting on C to reorganize his things here before we can proceed in the final transfer.  I also have just a few more pieces of furniture tucked away in that tent in the woods that still need to come over.  But at least I’ve made some progress and was delighted to reacquaint myself with my life.  The best part?

The bag of trash and bag of stuff I decided to rid my life of.  It may not look like much but shedding the excess unimportant bits of my life leaves me feeling just a little more light and carefree.  


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