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January Favorites

As usual, I am a shameless follower, gathering other people’s great ideas for my creative outlet.  Since a once a week commitment is apparently challenging for me, I will attempt something a little less time consuming.  I really like how San recaps her month by showcasing what made it great aka her favorites.

1:  My Keurig
OMG I am in love.  I now understand the big deal and wonder why I didn’t get one sooner!  Since we live off grid, our power comes from a generator.  For some reason, it’s too much power for our appliances and our traditional coffee pot burns the coffee after about 30 minutes.  What’s great about my Keurig is that I now make one (super fast!) cup of coffee AND not burn an entire carafe because I typically wake up 3 hours earlier than C.  I’m not sure yet how I feel about the wastefulness of so many little plastic cups and will find it more cost effective once I start buying my cups at the big box store.  I don’t know though…I really kind of love it!!
2:  Acupuncture
Yesterday was yet another session that just blew my mind.  I walked in distraught, weepy, overwhelmed, and hopeless and I walked out feeling how I do right now – strong, clear headed, in control, and wondering how I could have felt so in despair just one hour before and quite admittedly embarrassed by how emotional I was.  Wow.  I am impressed, convinced, and amazed.  I recommend acupuncture to everyone for anything.  Especially emotional issues, it really works!!
As I mentioned before, I have embarked on a research mission to explore essential oils.  A natural skeptic, I want to test the talk to see if this stuff is really worth all the hype.  So far, I am beyond impressed.  I can eat onions again.  I’ve cleared up mold for good.  Suppressed my appetite.  Cured a migraine.  And cleared up major skin problems.  I will go into detail at a later time but I am sold on essential oils and am working towards complete integration into my daily life.  My February order is their TrimShake and Slim and Sassy line.  I will keep you posted!
4:  Girls
I received the first two seasons of Girls for Christmas and I was an instant fan.  Sometimes it’s like a train wreck that you just can’t stop watching.  I recently ordered season 3 and I’m excited to see what happens next!  
5:  Baked Potato Soup
An all time fav of mine but I’ve really gotten back into making it because it’s so easy and really good.  Probably not the best for me but it’s certainly a nice and easy treat.  First heat up your favorite brand of potato soup.  Pour into a bowl and top with real bacon pieces (I use precrumbled ready to eat stuff from the store most of the time because again it’s easy), shredded cheese, and sour cream.  Voila!  And enjoy.


One thought on “January Favorites

  1. Shamelessly plug ideas, I don't mind at all!! In fact, I love that you'll be recapping your month this way! I think I told you that I am a Keurig sceptic, which is a) because I love my coffee a certain way (and most capsule coffee makers have disappointed me so far OR I haven't found the right k-cup for me) and b) I really am not a fan of the plastic waste. Having said that, J makes single cups all the time, too. 😉

    A friend of mine is into doTerra oils and she's a fan! I don't really know what they could do for me, so I haven't really explored them, but maybe you'll blog about it and I'll understand the hype?

    Girls FTW! You said it perfectly: it's like a train wreck that you can't stop watching!!



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