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Camper Life FAIL

Note to self:  NEVER store antique furniture and valuable items in a tent in the forest for 18 months.
To my dismay, though feared but not really expected, the items rushed to the tent for storage because people were in too big of a hurry to actually take them to town are officially ruined.  The leather and suede couch had become a literal rats nest, my brand new tv console had corrosion, mold, and a rats nest with urine, the 5th generation antique wooden table warped and covered with mold, the 4 antique folding trays covered in mold, and my brand new tempurpedic bed though still in plastic and seemingly ok was covered in rat urine and feces.  The only bits left untouched were the two wooden folding tables that I got for free.  
In an effort to salvage the antiques, I used doTERRA On Guard cleaner to remove the mold as the cinnamon and clove essential oils kill mold permanently.  The couch on the other hand was fed to the fire.  Tears were inevitable.  I can’t believe this happened.  I was hesitant to store the items there in the first place but was encouraged to do so and promised that they would be fine and moved to storage before too long.  Every time I said I would have someone else help me take them to town, my efforts were squashed with false promises to move them soon. 
Lessons learned, though hard on the heart. 

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