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The Annual Fresh Start.

2015:  The year I take control of my own happiness.

Sounds a little familiar to last year and every year before that in one way or another.  After the debatably worst year of my life I now see how much of my happiness I have relied on others to provide.  Yes, an incredibly unrealistic expectation when coupled with my tendency to push those who love me away out of fear of abandonment and total devistation through loss.  However, I somehow remain hopeful and therefore relish in the chance for yet another brand new fresh start.  
As we all know, I am a shameless participator and have signed up for a 30 day challenge via sotaissexy.  No, no, not a blogging challenge as we also all know I’m not always awesome despite my best intentions.  This is an interactive challenge for living a better life.  Katrina is a fun girl and so far I’ve enjoyed every day’s surprise.  
Day 1:  10 minute meditation
Not being one for meditating, I did my best and was surprised at my ability to focus better when reciting a mantra.  I am in control…of my own happiness.  Yeah, doesn’t really flow well.  While trying out new versions of my mantra, I realized how weak my lung power is and that is when my mind would wonder.  I did pretty well and may try it again.  Daily habit?  Well…maybe not but you never know!
In other news, being back from New Mexico has been a challenge for me.  Leaving always reminds me of how much I am not fond of my living situation.  Unless I am ready for yet another brand new life, I don’t really see any great solutions in sight.  My biggest struggle and some days I really do wish I were a magical unicorn.  
So my intent for the year is to be a better boss, a better friend, a better me, and to work on finding happiness with in myself.  And of course continue searching for those sparkles in life because that’s really what it all about, right?  Making the most of the good parts.
Happy New Year

2 thoughts on “The Annual Fresh Start.

  1. Any day is a good day to start fresh. Sometimes having a date (New Year's) attached to it helps with the focus. H, I wish you more happiness and peace this year and you know, maybe you are ready for a brand new life? If you're not happy where you're at, you have to focus on finding a way to make your living situation better….
    I am here cheering for you!


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