Today is Labor Day and also happens to be my 10th work day in a row.  The irony of today is not lost on me.  So as I procrastinate my way through this grant writing, I felt the need to check in with all of you.  I am sorry that my posting has dropped off the face of the blog-o-sphere.  My life has been something worthy of a post to my old blog and let me tell you the story would be epic.  For those of you familiar with Sunshine Day Dreams, you know it must be the most fascinating train wreck in the history of my life.  Painful.  Heart wrenching.  Horribleness.  So as I navigate my way through this terrible awful, I am sorry that my posting has fallen to the way side.  I appreciate you stopping by and though I don’t know when or how, I promise a time will come when I don’t feel like I am drowning and will post fun things about searching for the sparkles in life again. 


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