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What’s in that basket?

Like most women I carry a purse.  At some point in the last few years I started carrying a secondary bag of some sort for other stuff that I suddenly needed as an adult.  I have officially turned into my mother.  This isn’t a bad thing, mind you, just a sign that I am getting older I guess.  The cool part is that I have an excuse to buy really cute stuff!  For two years I was sporting a cross body boho purse from Thirty-one.  In April, I purchased my first investment handbag.  I eagerly ditched the old rag for luxury leather.  In the beginning I wouldn’t even set it down, cradling the handbag like a precious gemstone.  Though magnificent, I ffound I still needed that second carryall something.  About a month ago I was perusing the booths at Suumer Arts Fest when this beautiful rainbow esque basket caught my eye.  These African baskets are big time around here but in 13 years I have never bought one, just admired from afar.  I took the plunge and bought this great basket.  For weeks I carried both but found myself awkwardly juggling all these contraptions.  Since the summer around here is hot, dusty, and ragged, I’ve decided to retire my fancy bag for the time being and just use the basket.

Today I’ve decided to show you what the heck is in that basket!
Welcome to the contents of my daily existence.  
~ address book with stamps since you never know when you’ll need such information
~ pen
~ notebook for work so when I have genius inspiration, I can write it down and still get sleep
~ Whish Pomegranate body butter from my first Birchbox
~ cell phone though I know you must be thinking this picture is from 1998
~ keys
~ headlamp because you just never know when your going to need one!
~ lighter which surprisingly comes in handy more often then not
~ tea mints from my March Birchbox
~ mail to be mailed
~ a packet of trip insurance stuff to do since apparently my expenses will be covered when I got sick in Hawaii
~ wallet full of all kinds of great wallet stuff like money and my Macys card
~ hair ties
~ Coola sunscreen sample from a Birchbox extra because I want to always be prepared
~ Pixi lip balm from my May Birchbox
~ Macy’s coupons
~ some Bud Sisters salve and chocolate for a friend
~ iPod because music is my life
What’s going on in your purse or carrying contraption?? 


2 thoughts on “What’s in that basket?

  1. Uh, I love to peek into other people's purses! Thanks for sharing! That is a great post idea! 🙂
    Love the basket that you're using! Are you taking this everywhere?


  2. Thanks! I have been but it does get a little awkward at like, say, the grocery store. Places like that I just take in my wallet. The only think I don't like is that things kind of get lost in there and then I get frustrated swirling everything around in search. But I still love it!!


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