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Eleven Things: Summer Edition

Oh THANK YOU Chelsey over at The Paper Mama for inspiring today’s content Eleven Things.  I participated before and just love question and answer and getting to know you type of stuff, so this is purrrrrfect for me.  And yes, that was spoken in kitten.

Without further ado…..

1. What’s your favorite show on TV right now?

Since camper life doesn’t exactly allow for cable or satellite services, my “TV” is really just Netflix.  I am currently half way through Dance Mom’s season 1 and next up will be Project Runway season 8.  I am really excited that the Mentalist season 6 will be out in August since that would probably be my “favorite” from the last 12 months.

2. Could you ever be a contestant on the reality show: Naked and Afraid?

I have never even heard of this show and totally had to google it.  Wow.  Based on my current lifestyle, going completely survivalist to forage in the forest wouldn’t be much different and I am already accustomed to toileting on the ground or in a bag.  My biggest issue would be the naked part.  Sure, I’m a closet exhibitionist who likes frolicking around in my birthday suit when no one is looking, even venturing outside to complete a chore or two without clothing my nether parts.  I am, however, mentally structured by society and religion, resulting in a poor body image and sexual shame.  Though I have learned to coexist with nature, I don’t think this show would be for me.  Besides, who needs camera’s when I’m already home.

3. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Brownies.  Hands down.  Chocolatey cakey wonderful goodness, how could anything else even compare?

4. What’s your first thought when you wake up in the morning?

Oh my God….did I over sleep??

5. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Lunch.  Coffee is my breakfast and dinner just opens an avenue for continuous feeding of my bottomless pit.  Lunch, however, is lovely.  I’m usually really hungry by lunch time yet I continue to be productive the rest of the day.  Also, I love going to lunch so much more than going to dinner.  It always feels like I’m doing something rich and fancy.  It’s the little things people, the little things.

6. What was the best trip you’ve ever taken?

Best trip ever taken….hmmm….that’s really hard for me.  I’ve been traveling since I was a little kid.  Each time a new adventure fell upon my horizon, I would dream with excitement of the magical time I was bound to have.  Each time, the realities of life would dampen the magic and hedge disappointment.  Over time I have learned to accept this fate and no longer get excited about traveling even though I love it, truly.  With that in mind, best trip ever had to have been…..Hawaii 2014.  Even though disaster happened, as everyone expected it to, I really enjoyed this trip because of C.  It was our first time traveling together and two weeks with my family.  This trip brought C and I closer together for that short time, and those will be some of the best memories I keep forever.  

7. Share your favorite meme of gif.

I can’t say as tho I have a favorite meme or gif.  Sure I’ve liked my fair share of funnies on Facebook but nothing that has withstood the test of time with my memory.  Instead, I’ve decided to share a picture of who I hope to be in about 35 years.

8. Your current favorite book and/or movie?
I am still working my way through the last bits of the Odd Thomas series.  I sort of started a different book while waiting for Odd Apocalypse to arrive.  Favorite book (series)?  Maybe!  Running neck and neck is the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series.  As for my current favorite movie??  I don’t have anything that stands out and we watch a lot of movies.  I am a little ashamed to admit that after years and I mean years of despising Napoleon Dynomite…..I actually kind of like it now….and actually kind of more than a little.  Yeah…I can’t believe it myself…
9. The most random fact about you…
Most random…fact…let’s see…I have a large yet light colored birthmark on my left forearm which I named “The Freckle Factory” when I was a kid because it looks like a woobally heart with freckles being released from the love factory.  How’s that for random!
10. What do you miss about childhood?
My family.  Free time.  Summer camp.  Friends.  

11. Share your favorite cell phone images you’ve taken in the last 12 months.
Alas, I don’t have a smart phone because cell service at home is impossible, therefore I don’t take a lot of cell phone shots.  I do, however, take lots of iPod and iPad shot but to stay true to form, I’ve chosen a couple phone shots that I like.
   Friends ❤
  Helicopter Awesomeness

  Hawaiian Sunset

  Poor C at the hospital with a swollen eye….
Interested in playing along?  Link up in the comments below.  I’d love to read all about your undoubtedly awesome self!!


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