Bugs · Garden · life · Thirty-one Days of Searching for Sparkles

David and Goliath

Tonight I encountered yet another nemesis lurking in the garden.  As I was tenderly wandering along the path, inspecting each plant, I notice more activity than usual scurrying about the ground.  Upon closer inspection, I realized the entire left side of my garden was infested with fire ants.  Yeah.  I’ve never actually encountered fire ants but now understand the big deal.  Just as I was hoping the feisty bastards would mind their own, I felt a painful burning sensation on my foot.  A fire ant was attached to my foot.  Then I noticed four more ants attached to my flip flop!  I tried brushing them off but their punchers were locked in place.  I scanned the ground and quickly slipped off the flops and headed for the quad.  Scared to bits I still had to shut and lock the gate.  Bare foot and risking it all, I finally made it back home.  Some of the ants fell away during the bumpy ride but two were left to fight til the bitter end.  The bitter end of my lighter.  Sorry guys.  We can all live in harmony but you are toast the minute you cause me pain.


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