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Thirty-one Days of Searching for Sparkles

July 1st.  My month is finally here.  July is my birthday month and dead center of summer.  Since I’ve been feeling inspired lately, I’ve decided to *attempt* blogging every day this month.  The last couple times I’ve tried have been unsuccessful because let’s get real, I live on a mountain with crappy internet service and well, I get uninspired often.  In my greatest effort to do my best I call upon you, dear reader friends, to supply me with ideas, suggestions, questions, challenges, whatever.  I am here to serve.  

So to start this off on the right foot, today’s top five awesome things to happen:
*  Friend time with Frownie!
*  Mexican food!
*  Grant final report officially submitted!
*  Eating garden fresh blueberries!
*  Pay Day!
And Mr. Fritter in love with his new banana…


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