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June Stitch Fix: Part 2

Today has been a little bit of a compliment sandwich.  We finally got the inheritance check at the senior center that we’ve been waiting on for a year, I had to fire an employee, and then I had my Stitch Fix waiting for me!  I know I dog my weight from time to time but I discovered today that I am not the only one who seems to be a balloon in this heat!  It’s only in the 80’s but I swear it feels like twenty degrees more.  Even my fat pants are tight and I haven’t done anything differently!  Alas…c’est la vie.  In spite of my extra squish, I remained hopeful that something would work out since I’ve yet to have a Fix that totally failed.

This month, Shay sent me the 41Hawthorn popover blouse, Papermoon swing skirt, Zad necklace, Pomelo dolman sleeve top, and the Kut From The Cloth jeans.  

Zad Cassy Hollowed Clover Long Necklace in Gold  $28.00
I’ve been kind of transitioning back into wearing necklaces now that my work wardrobe is starting to come together.  I’ve also been finding myself drawn to gold lately too.  I don’t have the skin tone for it really but I like the idea of it just the same.  I loved the clover necklace that Shay picked out.  It’s long and simple and gold.  I love the fact that it’s simple, creating a subtle touch of class.  I love the fact that it’s long because it will hang well on the outside of my clothing and not clash with my skin tone as much. I’m not generally a fan of cheaper jewelry, preferring the real deal in most cases, but this necklace was so simple I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.  I’m not a fan of the price for the quality but what ever.  
Papermoon Kellie Houndstooth Print Swing Skirt in Teal Green  $58.00
I LOVE this skirt.  At first sight I was convinced it would be a bust.  I tend to stay away from jersey since it generally tends to cling in all the wrong places.  The print was also a little…not me.  This skirt, however, is amazing.  I love the way it flows and the fabric is so soft and lush.  The swing is sweet and perfect for summer.  The print is classic which dresses up the fabric.  Paired with a solid black blouse and a pair of sandals, I rocked this baby at work yesterday.  I was so comfortable and I felt professional and pretty.  Obviously this was a keeper.
41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse in Black  $58.00
I was excited about this blouse.  41Hawthorn has been my go to the last several fixes.  The cut was totally cute and the 3/4 sleeves perfect for my arms.  The fabric was sheer and pretty making this top versatile and perfect for work.  The bummer was that for an xl it fit like a medium.  41Hawthorn is usually spot on with their xl so I was surprised it was so tight.  Oh well.
Pomelo Avah Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top in Green  $58.00
I loved everything about this top.  The fabric was so soft and lush, I knew it was going to feel amazing on.  Must I admit that I am on the chevron print bandwagon?  So of course I thought the design was super cute.  The dolman sleeve was also perfect for my arms.  The sizing however was too small.  This blouse had so much potential but in the end the torso was too short and the waist too tight.  
Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean in Blue  $78.00
The fabric of this Jean was incredibly comfortable and easy to move in.  The jeans surprisingly fit.  For some reason I just didn’t like the way the cropped leg looked with the over all fit.

Once again I am smitten with my Stitch Fix!!


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