Friday Favorites

My Garden

I seriously love my garden.  I’ve worked so hard these past few months and it’s just starting to explode.  Flowers, fruits, vegetables, and more.  It’s amazing and I just love watching everything come to life.  There seems to be a gazillion miniature frogs everywhere and a little bird family has come to live there too.  The bugs are countless and I am confident there is a critter or two as well.  Now these little mother truckers are assaulting my plants and war is on the horizon.  Each morning I walk into my little paradise and take in the beauty within, saying good morning like Snow White.  And then…duhn duhn duuuuuuuhn…..something is missing.   A branch off the lemon tree.  Half a head of lettuce.  A perfect rose bud.  Gone.  Just a little bit each night.  I’ve set water bowls out.  I’ve done my best.  But tonight, retaliation begins.  This morning was the last straw.  Nipping my favorite rose down, long stem by long stem, for what.  Nothing!  To leave the branch there to die.  I gave you water bowls dude!  Seriously?!  So tonight, I’m setting traps.  Destroy no more!  
Breaking Bad: Season 5
Yeah, I realize I’m behind the times.  How did I let 2 years pass and forget to watch the series finale?  So here it is.  OMG.  This last season is definitely intense and I love the way it’s all coming down.  What a consistent show.  I’m glad it’s going to be over but what a wild ride.  I think I’m waiting on one more disc and I can’t wait to see what happens!
Franz Peach Cobbler Bread
Oh my God, this stuff is awesome!  I was looking for the strudel bread but they were out of everything except this peach cobbler stuff.  I was hesitant but got it any way.  I tried it fresh and it was pretty good but then I whipped out the toaster.  Oh my God.  With a little butter, it becomes this decadent carmelized peach crisp toast.  So very good.  A new breakfast, snack, or dessert must.
My Patio
Our camper has a large awning spanning over the front door.  For the last year, our, um, “patio” has been a dirty gross eye sore, collecting crap like it’s going out of style.  I hate living like a white trash hillbilly.  I was not raised this way and I refuse to live like this.  Granted there are something’s that are out of my control and just come with the territory of camper life.  I can’t help that I think there are aesthetically pleasing ways to make it work.  This summer, I was determined to remedy our patio appeal.  I removed the delapidated computer stand moonlighting as a recycling center.  I created a trash and recycling station at the end of the camper.  I removed all the tools and miscellaneous crapola that had accumulated.  I bought a nice glass table and awesome rocking swivel chairs.  I bought and hung vintage string lights.  I bought a bug zapper.  We created a counter with a board and saw horses which I cover with a pretty top sheet.  All I have left is to rock the area and or get a new patio rug.  Oh and I need to get Willy an pretty platter or tray for his fancy dishes.  The only real bummer is that it is incredibly dusty here and everything gets super dingy super fast.  Maybe a gravel load will help to cut that down?  I’ve also been working on adding plants around he camper and just need to fill in one more spot to make the area complete.  We have finally entertained here, once, but now I feel like we have a totally enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing space.  
Oil Stop
I know this seems weird and I questioned adding this but I have to admit that I’ve been impressed by these guys for years.  Recently, my Total Care plan expired on my truck and my services were no longer free.  Though I appreciate my Toyota dealership, they are not the cheapest when it comes to your every day stuff.  That’s how I discovered Oil Stop.  We’ve all got one it seems and maybe they are all the same, but I particularly like the one up in Eureka.  These guys make me feel special, in control, and well informed.  I love that they are always friendly and explain what things are, what they cost, and where your current levels are.  I like seeing how dirty my fluids are and knowing it is or isn’t ok to wait til next time.  I love that they keep track of everything and don’t try to scam you into another service.  I love that the service is fast and they even help me resent my trucks maintenance warning.  Sure I’ve spent about $700 during my last two visits but I was doing some major overhauling that won’t need to be done again for 15,000 – 30,000 miles.  I am in 4 wheel drive every day so the differentials were kind of important.  Apparently the transmission fluid is the most important so hey to being a responsible truck owner.

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