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June Birchbox

Oh yay, my June Birchbox has arrived!  Since the last one was a lagger, this one seemed to show up out of nowhere!  How pleased to suddenly remember the “add on” I ordered tucked inside as well!  Every month Birchbox has a few extra special offers which vary anywhere from extra discounts to attractive little collections.  I finally took advantage of one of these perks.  The Skinny Minimergency Kit for $20.00 and I have to admit that the contents were an added bonus since my decision was dazzled by the little pouch.  Yes, I am that girl.  The one corporate money crunchers are banking on by masking reality through an aesthetically pleasing package.
Ok, so I’m not that easily swayed.  Look!  Inside my rad new shiny pouch are 22 essentials for a gal’s tiny troubles!  All of which may or may not be needed whilst away from home!  My ultimate justification, should I even need one, is that since I live 30 mins from town I can keep this little gem in my truck and thus always be prepared….right?
So much excitement and I still had my regular box to explore.  I was so pleased with this box. 
Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner  ($12.00)
Not being one for makeup, I didn’t realize this was a silver stick until my office mate and I were chatting about our June Birchboxes.  I offhandedly told her I’d give her my eyeliner sample, assuming it was another black.  She got really excited at the prospect of having a second silver!  Huh?  Hmmm.  Once I took a closer look, it was silver!  I tried it on and I loved how easily and smooth it applied.  I remembered the 30 second smudging window, smoothed it out, and was left with a shimmery highlight.  Sorry MK!  I’m keeping this sweet lady.  
Davines Love Shampoo, Conditioner, and OI All in One Milk
Shampoo ($7.50)
Never judge a product by it’s lack luster fragrance.  I wasn’t impressed when I opened the bottle for a sniff.  It wasn’t bad by any means, just salonesque but nothing special.  This shampoo was sudsy and instantly made my hair feel soft during the rinse.  My hair was left feeling very clean.  The fragrance never improved or worsened.  Over all I really like this shampoo.
Conditioner ($1.41)
A nice thick conditioner that spread really well.  My hair went all slickery and my fingers ran easily through the strands.  It rinsed well and didn’t leave my hair feeling weighty.  The fragrance matched the shampoo.  Over all I really like this conditioner. 
OI All in One Milk ($0.81)
This was a nice serum, not too heavy, not too thin.  It spread well and was a really nice weight on my hair.  My hair brushed out really well and I loved the way it felt clean and smooth.  Over all I really liked this hair milk.
In the end, I really liked the entire combination of hair products.  Unfortunately I went to bed with wet hair so it didn’t look amazing but my hair felt great the next day.  Light and smooth and happy and clean and wonderful.  Added bonus?  The next day I went to get a hair cut and as my stylist was setting out the oils to massage my scalp, I noticed it was this same line of products!  We chatted about Birchbox and the Davines line and now I can say that I definitely recommend these hair products!  Stylist approved!
Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream ($2.38)
I am intriged by this stuff.  It’s kind of a thick oily lacqure, like a lip balm, sort of.  It has zero odor and when applied is heavy yet light and stays where you put it.  What intrigues me is what it’s made for.  Aparently everything!  Really!  All the reviews and product descriptions say that it’s a magic cream to help with dry skin, wrinkles, burns, bruises, excema, and so much more!  It’s the so much more I am most excited about.  What exactly is the potential of this cream?  So far I have been applying it to my angry wrinkle, my forehead wrinkles, my face moles, my cheek rosecia (please never pinch for pink like they did in the 20’s.  you’re really just breaking blood vessels and causing rosecia), my bruises, my arm moles, aaaaaand I think that might be it.  Thus far I haven’t noticed anything different but you never know.  If doctors and actors swear by this stuff, it’s worth a shot!
Joie Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum ($30.55)
Wow, what an expensive sample!  I swear I double checked and the full size bottle is 3.4 oz for $98.00 and the sample was 1.6 oz…so…either Joie is really really generous with their samples, or the full size bottle is just a rip off.  As for the parfum itself….I swear I have had this fragrance before and it reminds me of Fragonard in France meaning I probably bought this in my six pack of luxury fragrances.  That was when I was 16.  I keep sniffing and sniffing and sniffing this and just can’t place what it is.  I have never heard of this brand or fragrance before so it is definitely not brand familiar… TOMMY GIRL.  It’s Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.  Well, well, well…not Fragonard after all.  I knew I’ve worn this before.  It’s been forever!!  I like this scent, it’s fresh and pretty and perfect for summer fun.  Maybe I should revisit this old favorite….  Huh.
Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ($5.71)
I am always skeptical of an exfoliator that claims to be a cleaner.  I don’t know.  It’s just me.  However, I decided to sample this product as directed and was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and clean my face felt.  It also said to rinse the stuff off and usually I remove cleaners with a washcloth to ensure getting all the dirt off, but the rinse was perfectly fine!  The only thing I didn’t like was how coarse the exfoliant was.  I am used to smaller granules for my sensitive face.  My face felt a little raw when I was finished and I have a hard time believing using this 3-5 times a week would be a great idea.  BUT, I did like the final results and did feel fresh and rejuvenated and will continue to finish my product sample, though perhaps not as often as recommended.
Total June Birchbox Value:  $60.80    Whoa!  What a deal!!!  And to be so happy with everything inside, that’s insane!  And that’s not all of it.  Also included was a little something from jetBlue, a little survey and a chance to win a trip!  Since this Birchbox has a summer traveling theme, the quick survey helps you find your perfect vacation destination.  

Of course San Francisco would be my survey result.  Of course.  Had the questions and results been more fine tuned, I am confident the results would have been where I currently live.  I realize I am where I want to be.  BUT I wouldn’t mind traveling somewhere fun like….New York or something!!  So here’s to fingers crossed and me winning this awesome trip!  
Thumbs up Birchbox!  Loved my June box!!


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