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Here, Hoax, or Heather

It’s no mystery that I believe in the possibility that Bigfoot does exist. Why not? There are plenty of unchartered acres of forest on this earth. It only makes sense that there’s some weird shit out there. We can’t have every inch of every inch under survelience all at once now can we? No. And some claim sightings and other such unexplainable happenings which further baits an open mind.

When first my curiosity was sparked,  I was an instant believer. Sure I know a whopper when I’m fed one. And sometimes I’m also known for my gullibility, but I am also an information gatherer and truth be told, I live in Bigfoot country. That fact is no lie, Bigfoot is quite infamous in our neck of the redwoods. So here I was one night, gathered with a few neighbors, when one of them asks if I heard Bigfoot the other night.  My eyes widened and goosebumps popped up everywhere as I slowly shook my head that no, I hadn’t heard him.  Eagerly I waited to hear more with baited breath.  Rooster began recalling the recent reports of encounters from the neighborhood.

“Oh yeah” he says, nodding his head with confidence and a knowing in his eyes.  “Been runnin’ on through the valley here makin’ all kinds of noise.”

“What kind of noises?” I asked with both fear and excitement in my voice.

“Screamin’, real loud, high pitched screamin’ like you ain’t never heard before” Rooster said “and deep thumpin’ foot steps, spread out and not like no bear or deer, and differnt than a human.”

A shiver ran through my spine as I imagined those mysterious sounds.

“Been makin’ loud cracking too, like a tree trunk getttin’ hit by another tree trunk.  That’s how he communicates with the other ones.”

My mouth was agape as I absorbed what Rooster had witnessed.  “Has anyone else heard anything?” I asked with anticipation both wanting to hear of other encounters yet scared that it might be true.

“Oh yeah, he been heard over at number seven and down at the old Matthew’s place.  Been real active over dem parts.”  Rooster stated in a non-chalant way.

As convincing as he is, Rooster is the kind of character you expect to lend a tall tale now and again.  I wanted desperately to believe his stories were true but knew I couldn’t fall trap to this historical myth.  That is until I met Leslie. 

Here we are at a neighborhood party and I find myself shuffling my feet next to this dread headed hippy chic.  Being the amiable girl I am, I politely say hi and we stumble into that awkward conversation you have when you just meet someone you may or may not ever speak to again.  Oddly enough, we dove right in and that’s when it happened.

“Did you hear Bigfoot the other night?” she asked.

“No!”  I exclaimed  “Another neighbor was just telling me something about that!  Where were you?  What happened?”

Her tale began, recalling what happened just a few nights before.  Staying over at the Matthew’s place she was up early one morning, sipping some coffee, when the unexplainable sounds came from the dark forest.

“I was just in from New York so it’s not like I’d been up all night, baked out of my mind.  I was just up early since I tend to wake up about 6:00 am back home.  I’m sitting there on the porch, drinking coffee while everyone else slept, when all of a sudden I heard this crazy high pitched shreak.  It was unlike anything I’ve ever heard.”

I was on the edge of my seat, entrapped in her every detail. 

“Oh. My. God.  Are you serious?  Were you scared?  Did you hear anything else?”  I eagerly asked.

“At first I didn’t know what to think!”  she said “Then I heard this really loud thumping that just seemed to vibrate the ground.  I thought maybe it was a bear but the steps were spaced our too far and sounded heavy.  And, like, with two legs.”

I couldn’t believe it.  Rooster telling a far fetched story is one thing, but this was different.  Leslie just seemed credible.  And I could tell she really believed what she heard was not like anything she had ever heard before.

Some time went by and plenty of nights laying awake straining to hear any sign of my mythic neighbor.  Nothing.  Perhaps I was victim of yet another hoax.  Perhaps a joint too many had altered the persception of these kind hearted souls.  Perhaps there are some completely reasonable explainations to what these people had experienced.  Separately. 

About a year or so later, I was trying to beat the heat with C and a friend of ours when once again I heard Bigfoot’s name mentioned.  Though the Irish are known for telling tall tales, there was something about the look in Paddy’s eye that revealed his own fear from belief. 

“It was crazy!” he exclaimed, his native accent thick with excitement “I didn’t know what the hell was going on.  I swear, it was this loud thundering footsteps running through the trees.  It was early and dark out but I swear that was no animal.”

My mouth dropped open, hanging on every word he spoke.  Captivated by yet another witness whose credibility by far surpassed those of Rooster and Leslie. 

“Another afternoon, a few days later I heard this really loud, high pitched shreaking.  I told Terry about it and she heard the shreaking too but didn’t know what it was!  It was unreal!”  he recalled, eyes wide with excitement.

I was completely caught up in the moment.  Four neighbors with there own stories, independently experienced yet similar in almost every detail.  How could all of these people be wrong? 

But then, there was a sheepish recollection creeping it’s way through the crevices of my own mind.  You see, Paddy and Terry lived just down the way from my old house and about the time they recall hearing loud shreiking, I was in the midst of my mental breakdown, often screaming desperately at the top of my lungs with every ounce of my being.  Sometimes this happened outside.  It’s easy to think your alone living in these hills.  How quickly one forgets how close the neighbors really are.  I can not account for the heavy thumping footsteps running through these hills and the shreaking Rooster and Leslie heard could not have been me.  But one has to really wonder, is Bigfoot really running these hills?  Is Bigfoot really here, a hoax, or  just Heather.


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