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I love to read and I always have, though the last few years my reading has come in spurts.  These spurts usually happen during the summer and last anywhere from 3-5 books.  Lately, I’ve been a reading machine!  The books are stacking up and I’m no where near finished.  Since the camper is, well, compact, I’m about to pack away the finished books for storage.  So today, I thought I’d share with you a mini book review that may inspire your next binge reading.

Be Mine by Jennifer Crusie
This is a compilation of three short stories written by three different authors.  What I love about Jennifer Cruisie is that she is a light, easy read and the perfect chic flick on paper.  How exciting to have a three for one deal!  Each story features a strong woman, a hot guy, steamy conflict, and a happy ending.  Perfect for a little summertime escape.  
Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner
Lisa Gardner was introduced to me by my office mate.  Not having any reading experience with her, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Wow.  Intense writing that sucks you in and forces you to face very real effed up issues that generally stay tucked away in the deepest cellars of our minds.  This particular book was about child abduction, molestation, torture, murder, and the cycle and effect of this sick reality.  This was an amazing book that will move you in ways you try to avoid.  Read with caution.  This book will effect you and is not always comfortable.
Take Down Twenty by Janet Evanovich 
The latest in the Stephanie Plum series and awesome as always.  I still wish they would continue forward with the movies but at least I have the books.  If you haven’t gotten into this series, you are insane.  Such an easy read, the perfect amount of intensity and romance.  I actually do laugh out loud which is not an easy achievement for me when reading.  Just do it.  In this book, Stephanie is after a well loved local mobster while investigating a rash of murdered old ladies.  A giraffe is running loose and as always trouble finds our bounty hunter no matter what she does.  
Waking Up In Heaven by Crystal McVea
Wow.  What an amazing book.  I find it interesting that God has crossed my path with people who have died, gone to Heaven, and returned.  True fact.  More than 5 people and each on separate occasions in separate conversations.  Each a riveting moment of truth and mystery.  Each different yet similar.  It’s only fitting that this book were to enter my life.  It’s a real story of Crystals life, her death, meeting God, and coming back.  Because I know that God is real, I know the truth written in thee pages.  For me, I think this book was brought to me because of my struggles with death and my own fear.  How could you fear the most precious moment of your life!  The moment you finally get to go home.  This book is amazing and I know and respect that not everyone believes in God and that’s ok. I’m not here to judge anyone.  But in this book, Crystal was a nonbeliever and went through some really horrible stuff in her life, yet still met God on the other side.  I recommend this book to everyone, it’s simply amazing.
Hide by Lisa Gardner
Another intense book forcing you to face a reality most never have to face.  A life running and hiding from an unknown adversary only to find that the phantom is very real.  To escape one nightmare just to find yourself in another.  Abductions.  Murder.  Triumph.  Great writing.  She has a way of pulling you in and keeping you there.
Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz
Ah, my little treat of terror.  I’d forgotten about the Odd Thomas series since it’s been years since I read the latest one.  How happy was I to find three more books!  Odd Thomas has special gifts on the side of the paranormal.  He also is moved to help people and save lives.  The series is scary, heartwarming, odd, and pushes the limit of what really could happen no matter how bizarre the concept.  In Odd Apocalypse, Odd finds himself within the barriers of a compound stuck in time and between realms.  The integration of Tesla and time machines and murder and crazy people and ghosts and future mutations.  It’s amazing this guy always seems to make it out by the skin of his teeth.
Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz
I was bummed, after researching the sequence of books, to find that the Odd Interlude story actually took place before the Odd Apocalypse story.  And since reading them back to back this annoyed me most in the beginning since I had to retrain my brain on the story line.  Even though each book is it’s own independent saga, they do share detail and move forward as one giant story.  This book Odd finds himself drawn to an isolated community consisting of one big family who are under mind assault by this half human half alien guy who is terrorizing the people of Harmony Corner.  It’s crazy how this guy will use the family members to commit act of terror, rape, and murder among the people.  
Next on my list is the most recent Odd Thomas book, Deeply Odd, but I need to order it.  In the mean time I have a small stack of mixed authors to get through.  Any good suggestions out there in LaLa Land?  I hope your having a happy reading kind of summer too!

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