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June Stitch Fix ~ Part 1

I just can’t get enough of Stitch Fix!  Maybe I have a spending problem.  Maybe I’m a shopaholic.  Maybe I just live in a tweny tiny town with nothing, and I mean nothing, in it.  Recently Stitch Fix decided to offer multiple shipment options to match the needs and desires of the shopper.  I, of course, decided to increase my shipments from once monthly to every 2-3 weeks.  And so, there it was, a new fix just waiting for me just mere weeks since my last.

This time, my stylist was Carolyne.  Having done her homework, she tried to match me with items that fit my style with a nod to the cooler weather we’ve been having.  I can’t get over how touched I am every time they reference something personal about me.  This service really is more than random robots stuffing a box with clothes with a generic voice over reading my name from the form letter.  Carolyne did a great job sending me the Pomelo jacket and tank, Zad earrings, Kensie jeans, and 41Hawthorn blouse.

Zad Lauren Stone & Bird Earrings in Gold  $28.00

These earrings were cute.  I liked the cute birds and the gold with pink accent beads.  But, they were a little too long for me and a little too, I don’t know.  I’m more of a simple kind of girl and these were definitely not simple.
Pomelo Analisse Anorak Jacket in Olive  $88.00
The fabric on this jacket was amazing.  Soft and supple yet light weight.  I also loved the earthy green color.  However, the cut wasn’t right for my body and the softness of the fabric left this piece without much form.  I think the cut made this jacket a little too casual for work.  At $88.00, it didn’t wow me enough to splurge.
41Hawthorn Colibri Arrow Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse in White  $48.00
Of course, wouldn’t my favorite piece be not only from 41Hawthorn but also be the most reasonably priced.  A great piece for work, this blouse has half sleeves that cover my arms, flowing fabric throughout the body, and a super cute pattern!  I had to really think about this blouse since the shoulders were just a smidgeon narrow and the bossom was just a little too tight, but this beautiful blouse had a tunic-esque neckline with buttons.  I thought about it all night and all day and as I was packing up my returns decided to try it on one last time.  This time I wore a black tank underneath and let the buttons loose.  Wow.  Perfecto.  And suddenly it was living on one of my new hangers….
Pomelo Landers Lattice Crochet Detail Tank in White  $78.00
The crochet neckline was to die for in the cutest possible way.  What a great piece for layering.  The fabric was flowy and nice but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the cut at the waistline.  It was shorter in the front and in just felt a little frumpy, even with a sweater over the top.  Too bad since the crochet detail was so great.  Once I saw the price tag there was no way this tank was making the cut.
Kensie Jeans Malin Bootcut Jean in Blue  $98.00
These jeans were really comfortable.  The curvy fit and stretch fabric felt great to be in.  The color was also quite flattering.  For a bootcut, the ankle holes were not as large as I prefer.  I almost wondered if I’d found myself in a curvy girls skinny jean.  Ok, so it wasn’t that narrow but more so than I generally like and the stretch fabric didn’t really mask my trouble spots.  Unfortunately, I found my favorites a long time ago and with a better fit and a better price, I couldn’t be swayed.  
Once again, I found my Stitch Fix to be a success!  I continue to find something I love and I always feel like I am getting a deal since I’m out the $20 fee anyway.  So my cute new blouse was only, like, $28!  I was surprised at the overall higher prices of this fix and I’m not totally impressed by the quality for the cost on some.  In the end, this is all part of the experience!

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