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May Birchbox

The long awaited Birchbox has finally arrived and what an adventure it was on.  It seemed to take forever getting here but it was well worth the wait.  This months Birchbox was awesome!
Caldrea Body Wash in Tea Olive Lime  ($1.57)
What a pleasant and earthy scent!  It reminded me of an eco savvy spa.  It was suddsy and felt nice on my skin.  The more I lathered the better the smell.  I have sensitive…er…girl parts, so I tend not to veer to far from my normal body wash.  I took a chance at discomfort and tried this body wash, um, there, since it claimed to not have all the ick.  Verdict:  Mild and undisruptive!  This could definitely become a nice alternative!  Great body wash!
Caldrea Body Lotion in Coconut Fig Leaf  ($0.63)
I was so excited to try this since coconut and fig are separately two scents I enjoy.  Unfortunately, this lotion lacked in several areas.  The smell was bland and reminded me of a failed attempt to replicate Lubriderm Lotion.  What a bummer to not smell like coconut or fig!  Secondly, the lotion was thin, didn’t cover well, and felt tacky as it dried.  A case of the tackies is the worst for lotion.  However, the after effect of my skin is surprisingly soft and supple.  I will probably never use this lotion again.
Givescent Fragrance in Signature  ($9.60)
I love that this is an oil based perfume which also explains the value of the sample.  I didn’t like the smell although I was spared the splitting headache so commonly experienced.  The scent was clean, a little old lady, and a little masculine.  It reminds me of something and although not totally horrible, not totally awesome either.  Meh was my original opinion.  Then.  I tried it on.  And suddenly when mixed with my body chemistry, this scent came alive!  It was attractive and clean and I kind of liked it!  As it fades through the notes, it tends to return to the original mix of yes and no but again not totally unpleasant.  I can guarantee I won’t be purchasing this perfume but I may use the sample again for posterity.
Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Volumizing Shampoo in Fleurs de Temps  ($4.00)
I have mixed emotions when trying new shampoo.  After the Avalon Organics debacle of 2011, I fear trashing my hair with anything not recommended by my stylist.  After reading the deets, I decided to give this stuff a try.  The Fleurs de Temps fragrance is nothing to write home about.  It was pleasant but didn’t evoke any kind of aroma arousal.  The shampoo itself was thicker and I almost thought I grabbed the conditioner instead.  It lathered really well but the rinse left my hair feeling heavy.  I shampooed twice and definitely got all of the product out but again felt as though my hair was weighted down.  
Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Volumizing Conditioner in Fleurs de Temps  ($1.06)
The conditioner, on the other hand, was thinner than expected and didn’t seem to cover well.  My regular conditioner instantly makes my hair feel slickery and this product didn’t feel like I had anything in at all.  I even did a double dose since I felt it lacked in coverage.  The rinse effect proved otherwise as my hair finally felt as though I were rinsing out conditioner.  
**Number 4 High Performance Hair Care – FINAL RESULTS**
Of course I can only report on the use of both hair products and their final result.  I air dry my hair and have to admit that my hair didn’t dry frizzy or flat against my head.  It dried nice and evenly and I can honestly see the difference in volume.  It’s subtle, not too big, and added just enough body to make my hair interesting.  I’m actually kind of impressed with these products!  I have enough left to try it again and it I continue to experience the same results I may consider buying this as an alternative to my regular routine! 
Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Coral Crush  ($8.00)
This is a fun spring lip balm!  I wasn’t sure bout the coral since orange shades don’t typically go well with my skin tone, but I love the way the tint fades to a cute pinky shade.  I love lip tints because they are subtle yet sweet.  I’m also loving that this sample was full size!  The only thing that would make this lip balm super awesome?  If it had an SPF value.  Oh well.  I will keep on rocking this coral crush!

Supergoop!  Everyday SPF 30 with Cellular Response Technology  ($3.28)
Hurray for skin care!  I’ve mentioned before my impending need for sunscreen.  I am better but not great about wearing it and considering the amount of time I spend in the sun every summer, it’s imperative that I do something.  I was proud of myself for putting some on this morning even if it was only on my face.  The Supergoop! sunscreen isn’t bad!  The lotion is thin and spreads well.  It definitely feels like a sunscreen which isn’t all bad but considering today’s technology, perhaps a more moisturizing cream would feel better.  The scent is also reminiscent of summer but not in a coco butter kind of way.  It’s more of a light citrus and not unpleasant by any means.  I can’t say that this particular product stands out more than your average store bought brands and if nothing else, I am pleased for the opportunity to save my skin.
Total value of this months Birchbox?  $28.14  <—-  How awesome is that!  What a great value to this months box!  That is well worth the $9.17 investment!  I’m most impressed that I liked everything in my box!  Well done Birchbox, well done! 

2 thoughts on “May Birchbox

  1. Hooray! That was a good value for the money invested! So happy to hear that you liked the products (I am especially intrigued by the hair product!).
    I also received the Pixi lip balm and the Supergoop Sunscreen! I liked both! 🙂


  2. I know! Me too! I wasn't sure I was going to like them but my hair seems amazing right now….even a day later! I can't wait to see what you got in your box! My office mate got a candle this month in lieu of the fragrance. Jealous!! lol


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