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May Stitch Fix

This last month I’ve taken strides to improve my health.  Of course I plan to blog about it…once I actually start to make any progress.  Regardless, I was feeling ready and excited for this month’s Stitch Fix.  My stylist was Jinnah again and I couldn’t be happier.  This month, she picked for me the Renee C cross-front top, 41Hawthorn tie-neck blouse, Papermoon tank, Honey Punch cardigan, and Pixley necklace.

Renee C Rosenberg Spacedye Cross-Front Top in Grey $54.00
This top was cool in concept and I liked the sheer black accent strip across the shoulders.  Once on, this top was confusing.  It didn’t drape well and the crossing fabric wasn’t continuous which left open gaps of skin in weird places.  The torso was also too short and the whole thing was just a mess.
41Hawthorn Bell Chevron Textured Tie-Neck Blouse in Cobalt $68.00
At first the color of this blouse was a little bold for me but I love blue and love the subtle chevron texture.  The fabric and style are exactly what I love to wear to work.  The fit was perfect except for a little gaping at the arms which doesn’t really matter since layering is the only way I roll.  In the end, this blouse went straight to my closet.  A total keeper.
Papermoon Lexis Chevron Print Henley Tank in Light Green $48.00
I loved the multi colored chevron print of this tank.  I instantly fell in love.  Unfortunately, as comfortable as the fabric was, the torso was too short and it clung to all the wrong places.  
Honey Punch Wakeman Crochet Open Cardigan in Off-White $54.00
This cardigan was really sweet and the off-white compliments every color well.  My concern was that I would tug the crochet work and ruin the cardigan.  I like to snuggle into my clothes and there’s no way  this delicate shroud could stand a chance.  I was also self conscious about my large arms since I like to hide them away and the crochet left nothing to the imagination.
Pixley Kaitland Spade Charm Long Necklace in Gold $36.00

This was a really cute necklace.  I’ve been attracted to gold lately and this piece wasn’t too over the top.  Had the Papermoon tank worked, there is no doubt this piece would have been an instant purchase.  After a very, very, very long debate, I decided not to buy it and my final decision was completely based on price.  It looked too cheap to be almost $40.  

Not a fix has gone by that I haven’t found something to keep.  So far I think this program is a total success for me.  So much so that I opted to increase the frequency of my fixes.  That’s right!  A new Stitch Fix review every 2-3 weeks!  Once I wear my new blouse (most likely tomorrow) I promise a selfie to show it off!

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