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March Stitch Fix

I have to admit, I wasn’t as excited this month for my March Stitch Fix.  Not because I don’t still love the experience but because the special delivery showed up after eating 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies,bloated on my period and not having been to the gym in three weeks.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the Cinderella experience I had hoped for.
This month, My personal stylist hand picked the 31 Bits Annabelle Long Beaded Necklace in turquoise, the Renee C Ventura Absract Keyhole Detail Tank Top in cobalt, the Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse in navy, the Level 99 Buster Bootcut Jean in navy, and the RD Style Braddon Airy Knit V-Neck Sweater in tan.
Like last month, I tried on everything before reading the price list in order to give each piece a chance.  Here’s the low down…
Level 99 Buster Bootcut Jean in navy ($124.00)
When my stylist said “I know the Level 99 jeans are a splurge, but I thought you would love them” she wasn’t joking.  I did love them…mostly…had I not been a bloated puffer fish, I know I would have had a harder time with my decision.  They were great.  Stretchy, long, sleek, dark, classy, great.  Unfortunately, if not paired with the right top, I would look gross.  Plus, she was right.  The price was a splurge.  
Renee C Ventura Aabstract Print Keyhole Detail Tank Top in cobalt ($48.00)
This was cute and exactly what I’ve been looking for as an addition piece to my work wardrobe.  I love layering with jackets and sweaters.  Due to my lunch lady arms, I like to keep those layers on.  So I’m looking for light weight tanks and blouses.  Unfortunately, this tank was way to tight in the bossom and tummy.
Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse in navy ($54.00)
This blouse was lovely!  The light and flowy fabric was perfect.  The cut was great and the color was just perfect to make this a staple piece.  Unfortunately, my bossom is too large and it pulled the button up closure apart too much for my liking.  Too bad.  Even with a price that makes me queasy, this blouse was right up my alley.
RD Style Braddon Airy Knit V-Neck Sweater in tan ($68.00)
I had a feeling I wouldn’t like this sweater and I was right.  Though it was a great weight for spring as well as offering versatility, the color wasn’t right for my skin tone and the shapelessness clung to all the wrong lumps and bumps.  
31 Bits Annabelle Long Beaded Necklace in turquoise ($32.00)
I know that large statement necklaces are totally in right now, but for some reason I’ve taken a 3 year break from necklaces and have been sticking to earrings and bracelets.  This particular necklace is a perfect starter piece for me.  It’s statementy without being super over the top.  I love turquoise, teal, and aqua and paired with the gold beads made this piece really attractive to me.  After checking the price tag, I examined the piece more closely.  This handmade necklace looks handmade.  The beads aren’t fancy and some even have glue or schalack bumps on them.  Then I read the card.  This necklace is apart of a movement helping women rise up from poverty in Uganda.  Oh my God…way to pull on my heart strings Stitch Fix.  So I grabbed a couple of my new little work jackets and paired the necklace with each of them.  I consulted with C since I don’t really have any friends down here.  We both liked it but each of us had things that we were too sure about.  As I’m packing up my fixes for return, I give the necklace one more thought.  If I buy the necklace, the $20 fix fee goes towards the purchase.  I’m out the $20 if I don’t buy anything so in my reality, the necklace is only $12.00.  I’m doing this to branch out right???  So after much consideration, I’m keeping the necklace.
Here it is paired with my post office dumpster dive catalogue purchase…
Cute, huh?  I guess the sunny side of is experience is, when the clothes are a bust, accessorize!

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