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Birch Box

I’ve been reading about the monthly Birchbox subscription over at The in between is mine  as you know, and I recently decided to sign up for a year subscription.  Because I was a little late in the game, I didn’t I think I would get my first box until March.  Surprise!  I ended up getting the February box after all which also included a mini subscription to US Weekly.  That’s right.  My very own Hollywood gossip magazine delivered right to my P.O. Box.

Having read blog reviews before, I had a general idea of what to expect, but nothing quite beats the excitement of opening that cute box, pulling back the tissue paper, and discovering what’s inside.  

A little card accompanies the samples which describes each product, how best to use the product, and the cost of the full size version.  
I especially like the way San reviewed each item including the approximate value of each sample.  Being a champion shameless follower, I will of course follow suit.
Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner ($11.25)
I’m excited to try this and almost did the other day, but the tint of the cream stopped me since it reminded me of makeup and I wasn’t going there that day.  I do plan on giving this a try the next time I feel pretty.  
Joan Vass L’eau de Cristal ($1.47)
I love a new fragrance and especially love getting to try one before spending $75.  However, I’m not a fan of getting a headache from it.  This sample was a total thumbs down.  
Miracle Skin Transformer ($3.21)
Also a sample I’m excited to try but haven’t yet.  It also has a tint to it and to be honest, I’m not always sure what this kind of stuff is for or how to use it.  This sample says to use on the whole face or mix with concealer for a bright undereye look.  Do I want a bright undereye look?  Are these products like a moisturizer and ok alone?  Are they best worn with make up?  Again thankful for a sample to play with instead of flubbing a $48 investment.
Whish Three Wishes Body Butter Pomogranet ($3.52)
I loved the fresh scent of this lotion.  It reminded me of freshly shampooed hair.  C thought it smelled like a car air freshener.  I took this as a positive.  Though it was lovely, I can’t say it’s the best hand lotion I’ve ever used.  That hasn’t stopped me from continuously slathering it on.  Best sample of the box!
Ahmad Tea London Assorted Teas ($1.74)
I am not much of a tea drinker, though do enjoy a cup or two on occasion.  I am especially not a fan of flavored teas.  So I had C join me in testing these samples out.  I tried the black tea and he tried the lemon green and cherry rosehip.  He said they were both good but really liked the cherry and rosehip mix.  The black tea was also good but I shouldn’t have had it so late in the evening.  I could not fall asleep!  For, like, hours!

The samples totaled $21.19 and I feel like I got a good return on my $9.17 investment.  (I saved $0.83 by signing up for a year.  A monthly subscription is only $10!).  Another perk is that I’m getting to explore products that I’m obviously not experienced enough to invest in AND if I like something there are plenty of discounts and incentives to buy the full size!  
Final verdict:  Stoked!  I can’t wait for my March box to arrive!

3 thoughts on “Birch Box

  1. Oh yay, excited to hear you are treating yourself with Birchbox this year. For $10 a month (or less ;)), it's really a nice little treat every month!

    I love rosehip tea, even though I am usually not big into “fruity teas”, but the cherry rosehip would probably been right up my alley. Ask C is rosehip tea also reminds him of his elementary school – “Jugendherberge” -days 🙂


  2. I know! I am so excited that you inspired me to join!

    C laughed when I asked him about the Jungendherberge. His eyes light up when I talk about you and ask him questions we talk about. A connection to home I suppose! He said he never spent much time at the Jugendherberge except when he was recovering from an elbow surgery, but he does remember the rosehip tea!


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