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Luxury in a Box

My very first Stitch Fix finally arrived.  I can’t begin to express how incredibly delighted I was.  I couldn’t wait to get home and open my box.  It was seriously one of those moments that I really let myself experience excited anticipation.  To treat myself to (mostly) affordable luxury.  This special treat did not disappoint.  For once, an experience was every bit of the wonderful that I had hoped.

So here’s how it works.  For $20.00 a personal stylist hand picks and array of items just for you based on your personal profile.  Once a month they send you your selections along with suggestions on how to pair and wear each item.  You try them all on.  Keep and pay for what you want and the $20.00 you just paid goes toward the purchase.  If you purchase everything you get an additional 25% off.  What you don’t want, you pop into the prepaid postal bag and ship it back with no charge and seriously no hassle.  

The items were wrapped in tissue, folded nicely, smelling of brand new fabric.  I opened my envelope first to find a note to me describing the enclosed items and suggesting ways to mix and match.  The note opened up to reveal mood boards of each collection the items were picked from.  Also included was an instruction list and the price sheet.  I chose to explore the box and try everything on before revealing the prices.  I knew from other accounts that the clothes tend to be expensive.  Knowing this, I forged ahead because I sincerely want to find good clothes and scraping the bottom of the bargain barrel hasn’t been working for me.


In my box, I found a pair of Margaret M Ariel Trouser in black, the 41Hawthorn navy Benson 3/4 Rusched Sleeved Blazer, a light purple 41 Hawthorn Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse, a light grey Loveappella Montgomery Striped Cross-Front Tank, and a black Madrid Floral Knit Drape Front Cardigan by Moon Collection.
Upon first glance I was in love with everything…but….this crazy busy sweater nestled inside.  As directed, I tried everything on and as suggested.  The first suggestion was to pair the black trouser, grey striped tank, and navy blazer.  I was especially excited about the tank and blazer.  Unfortunately neither one fit well!  I was super bummed.  On that note, the max size they work with is 14 and XL.  I am an L/XL and 14/16, so borderline able to even participate.  Hence the gym membership….as I eat another cookie.  And back to the clothes.  The blazer was such a rich piece.  The fabric felt luxurious and the cut was great.  The problem was that even labelled as an XL, the shoulders were incredibly narrow and there was no way this baby was going to close across my bossom.  The tank was a Large and way to tight.  Way, way to tight.  What I loved about it was the cross body top.  I felt covered but super cute.  I could see wearing this piece had it been a larger size.  I also didn’t like the navy blazer with black pants combo.  Call me old school but I try to avoid certain bruise color combinations.  Next I tried the suggested combination of black trousers, light purple cowl neck sleeveless blouse, and busy floral cardigan.  I instantly loved the whole thing.  The blouse was a large and I loved how it fit right up to my tummy.  There’s no way I could suck it in all the time just to wear it.  Had the bottom been just a smidge looser, the blouse would have been a hit.  The trousers were a 14 and fit just a smidgeon snug but completely acceptable.  The fabric was flattering and hung well.  What I didn’t like was how itchy the fabric was on the inside.  It made them feel a little cheap.  The cardigan was a size large and took me a minute to soak in the busy.  I kind of felt like I was in a grandma sweater…..but…..I was kind of loving it!  Like really loving it and it felt so comfortable and I loved the way it gathered up and was so comfortable yet so chic!  I asked C what he thought and he agreed it was kind of grandma busy busy.  Apparently if we were out in public and he saw me in the sweater he would be like…o..k..?  Meh.  What does he know.  He loves me no matter how weird I look so I had to seek an expert opinion.  Girls dress for girls, right?  So I snapped this pic and sent it over to my style icon, Angelina, because I knew she would give an honest opinion.  

And thank you blog for reminding me I also need to dust my t.v…..
As I waited for words of wisdom to electronically appear, I decided it was time to check the prices.  One deep breath later, I slowly unfolded the decorative paper.
I think a genuine shiver ran down my spine.  Honestly?  The prices were a little scary for me.  I can afford it, I have just been really poor enough times in my life that I instinctly recoil from anything expensive. 
So here’s the breakdown.
41 Hawthorn navy blazer                                $78.00
Loveappella grey striped tank                         $48.00
41 Hawthorn light purple sleeveless blouse    $48.00
Moon Collection black floral cardigan             $68.00
Margaret M black trouser                               $68.00
Any love I had for the purple blouse went out the window but for some reason I was still considering the trousers and cardigan!  I was elated when Angelina responded that YES!  I should keep these two pieces.  Both staples with ample potential.  She even had her own suggestions to pair the cardigan, open, with a cinched belt.  Even adding a denim skirt for a more casual but put together look.   That was all I needed.  One yes and one promise to be seen with me in public and I went in for the purchase.  
Check out was super easy.  Each item is listed with a quick survey and comment box and a yes or no tab to indicate if you were going to keep the item.  I went through each piece and gave my honest opinion, choosing to keep the cardigan and trouser.  After the $20.00 fee reduction, I got to keep my new pieces for $124.70.  I am so excited about my fix!  And with no obligation to keep any of it, I really got to make smart choices in reshaping my wardrobe.  Would I recommend this service?  You bet!  Nothing beats a $20.00 good time!  Now I sit with baited breath as I await my next fix and enjoy my new luxury items!

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