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The evolution of me.

That’s what I had originally thought to name this blog.  Another new year and another desperate desire to completely change who I am.  I wonder what that’s all about.  Never being truly happy in the life that is mine.  Regardless of the fact that I completely avoid the truth behind my unhappiness, I am determined to try my best to be someone completely different than who I am.  The reality?  I will still be me in the end.  I’m just hoping that somewhere along the way I improve.

So, because of this so called idea I’ve decided to implore, here is a list of a few changes I’ve made so far this year.
1:  I joined the gym.  Yes, I finally did it.  I joined the gym and actually went twice.  The second time I was there I attempted the Couch-To-5K and completed the first session.  I originally decided I was going to commit to a personal trainer for a few sessions.  I’ve waited on that move due to the vacation because I didn’t want any distractions or breaks once I started.  My goal is to get into a routine, get motivated, and obviously lose weight and get in shape.  After being diagnosed with the triple D in my lower back now and having been in constant pain for months, it’s imperative that I do someone about my physical health.  It’s no longer a luxury to be a fatty.  Now I’m facing a life of bed rest and wheel chairs.  Screw that.
2:  I bought make up.  Shocker I know!  I’ve even worn it maybe thee times.  And I felt kind of pretty and not so much like a clown.  I still can’t bring myself to wear it on a daily basis or even on any kind of basis for that matter, but at least I am fully equipped when the mood strikes!
3:  I signed up for Stitch Fix.  Yes, yes, I am a shameless follower.  I read about this service over at another blog I read and it sounded kind of perfect for this whole evolution project.  I’m tired of looking like a homeless slob all the time.  Making myself work in town actually gives me the opportunity to dress up a couple times a week.  The only problem is the limited amount of shopping options I have.  I have one decent thrift store in my town and Old Navy online gets old fast.  I’m stuck.  So when I heard about Stitch Fix, the angels began to sing.  For $20.00 a “personal shopper” picks out a few times for me, ships them on over, I try them on and either keep and pay for what I love or mail it all back for free.  The size max is 14 which I technically am sort of.  I actually swell between 14 and 16 so I’m hoping something will fit and that my aforementioned gym membership helps to keep me on the program.  My even bigger fear is that the clothes will be effing expensive.  I have such a hard time spending sizable amounts of cash on things even though I have a small spending problem.  I’m bored.  I have no bills.  What else am I supposed to do?  My first Stitch Fix is actually on its way right now and I’m hoping to have it by Monday.  Of course a review post will be in order.
4:  I signed up for a year of Birchbox.  Another shameless follow from another blog that I read.  Birchbox is a monthly delivery of luxury samples.  For $10.00 I will receive samples of all sorts including but not limited to hair products, skin care products, makeup, fragrances, bath and body products, and more.  If you like the stuff, you can buy full sized products from their website.  This treat gives me something to look forward to regardless of how chubby I am feeling and it gives me a chance to explore girly stuff without having to risk spending oodles of cash on things I know nothing about.  Since I just signed up today, my first box is expected to ship around March 4th.  And because I signed up now, I get a 12 issue subscription to US Weekly.  Is it shamefull to admit that I kind of like trashy gossip magazines and though I would never subscribe to such a thing, I’m a little giddy I get to secretly endulge behind closed doors.  I will of course post about this too.
5:  I signed up for the Letter Writers Alliance.  I’m not really sure what exactly I’ve signed up for since the website looks like a place to buy quirky stationary but it claims to also boast a penpal community.  I’m not sure why, but becoming a snail mail penpal sounded really appealing to me.  Perhaps it’s nostalgia from having a penpal in Denmark when I was a kid.  Perhaps it’s my INFJ need to connect with someone.  Perhaps I’m just a little lonely in my life.  Regardless of the reason, for $5.00  I am now a lifetime member of this LWA.  My membership package should be arriving soon so I will make sure to keep you posted on what the heck I’ve just signed up for.
These are the proactive things I’ve done so far this year in my attempt to evolve.  In an effort to corral my chaos, I’m also looking into organization and time management practices.  Planning.  Clearing the mind.  Feeling in control.  Any advise on that stuff, I am all ears.  I am also still working on my garden and have pretty much been cleaning up and planting bulbs.  I’m hoping for lots of flowers this year.  Oh how I dream of having a home someday so that my plants can finally go into the ground.  Planting in pots is great and all but setting some roots sounds delightful.  My next step is to plant the last blueberry into a pot I just picked up, finish planting the bulbs, and build a couple hooptys.  It getting time to start planting seeds for the summer and I think I could grow a little lettuce now if I had the shelter of a greenhouse.  All in good time I guess, just like the evolution of me!

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