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Week in….recaps?

I am officially back from vacation and this would typically be my “Week in Pictures: Week 7” post but C and I got hit with some tropical bug that has put me out for the last 9 days.  Yup, that means the last 5 days of beautiful Hawaii were spent coughing up my lungs in bed watching the palm trees sway.  For some reason, lying on your death bed doesn’t seem to inspire picture taking and so, with a heavy sigh, I have no pictures for you.  Bummer…I know.  I will, however, entertain you with a recap of events.

We had such a great time on vacation.  This was the first vacation that C and I have ever taken together.  How this has never happened before in the 4 years we’ve been “together” I have no idea.  But we did it and it was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to us.  Romantic?  No…but this time together, away from the stress of life, rekindled in us kindness and love for one another.  I’m actually happy in my relationship and a welcomed happiness at that.  If vacation is what it takes to make a happy union, I say bring on the vacations! 

This trip was a gift from my parents.  For their 45th wedding anniversary, they gave the gift of OHANA.  Ohana in Hawaiian means family.  They flew C and I as well as my brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces for a two week family adventure in Hawaii.  My aunt and uncle joined us for a week which was an extra special treat.  We spent the majority of our time in Kailua-Kona on the big island.  Paradise!  I mean really, how can you beat 81 degrees every day?  I’m choosing to not mention the humidity which resulted in a bad hair day every single day.

It wouldn’t be my family if a huge blow out didn’t happen between me and my brother.  Unfortunately, it happened on our first full day in Hawaii and it may have been our biggest one yet, driving a wedge right in the middle of our fun.  C and I opted for conducting our own adventures the following day and drove all over the island, ending up in places no tourists ever go.  We rejoined the family the next day for a snorkel cruise to Kealekakua Bay.  Small boats make avoiding people harder but not impossible.  We had such a great time and I didn’t even fuss too much about my whalesque appearance.  The fourth day, C and I treated my mom and dad to a helicopter flight of the island.  O…M…G.  This is a must do and totally worth every forking penny.  We saw so much cool stuff.  We saw active lava flows, rain forests, desert, amazing waterfalls, a WWII plane crashed in the forest, and tons of whales. The fifth day the lot of us headed over for some parasailing.  Yes I am seriously afraid of heights but for some reason flying like a bird strapped to a paraschute pulled by a boat over open ocean is like a breath of freedom.  It really is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.  C and I rode tandem and it was a magical experience for us both.  That night we all headed over to a luau and had the feast of a life time.  So much food!  It was fun trying new things…like poi…which does not taste good at all.  My niece had a hula lesson and just about made it through the whole event before passing out from all the excitement.  It had to have been one of my most favorite moments.  The last day on the island…well…it was supposed to be our last day, we headed up to Volcano’s National Park for a day at the volcano’s.  It was a long day with lots of driving and was also the day C started getting sick.  The next day, he and I stayed behind while the rest of the family headed over to O’ahu. 

I proceeded to get sick that night and the next day we had my dad rework the reservations for a second time since there was no way in Hawaii I was going to be able to fly.  We checked out of our condo and headed to Urgent Care.  From all of my medical issues in the last 12 years, of course, my new favorite doctor has to be a resident of Kailua-Kona.  That….is my luck.  Thankfully, we didn’t have the flu.  Instead we had just contracted a nasty bronchitis and sinusitis bug that was knocking people down all over the islands.  I gathered my wits and my new medications and headed off to our new hotel.  Mind you…every hotel was booked out.  So $150 in cab fare later, we checked into the swanky Waikoloa Beach Resort where we proceeded to venture on the road to recovery.  When we finally head off to O’ahu a few days later, we were both feeling about 70%.  Not great but ready to rejoin the family before the vacation was a total bust. 

I HATE, with every ounce of passion I can muster, Honolulu.  In my snobby opinion, Honolulu is L.A. on an island.  I was disgusted by how bad it has gotten and continues to get.  The city apparently gave up on their people and the homeless actually set up tents on the side walks.  Now, I live in a tiny little community littered with homeless people and I try my best to understand their situations and to coexist as best I can.  But you would NEVER see tents littering the side walks the way Honolulu has shamefully allowed.  Plus the condo accommodations were a little too tight for three sets of adults and two little kids.  AND the air conditioner died during the night….sigh….

Am I glad to be home?  Not really…  My heart is still stuck in a puddle of Aloha, which of course makes reality that much worse.  I came home to cold rain, which normally would elate me since California has been in an extreme drought, but instead sent me back into sicklyville and I can’t stop coughing a week later.  The geezers are still pissing me off and now my poor little non-profit is bleeding money like there’s no tomorrow.  And my finances are a little rocky due to unforeseen circumstances.  Welcome home…right? 


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