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It’s that time of year again when The Paper Mama asks us eleven things about ourselves.  Have I mentioned that I am a total participator?  So here is the 2014 edition of my eleven things about me!

1:  Are you a cat or dog person? Or bird person?
I am definitely not a bird person.  Those little bastards try to bite you and then laugh.  Sneaky little mother truckers…  I am actually a dog AND cat person, tho I like dogs a smidgen more.  I like all animals but found out the hard way that I should stick with what I know.  Dogs and cats.  I always had dogs growing up because my dad is allergic to cats and my mom is not a fan.  (Though through exposure to my cats I think she secretly likes them now.  Hard to break old mindsets so her secret is safe with me).  As soon as I had my first apartment, I had my first cat.  It has been snuggles and purring and cat barf galore ever since.  I currently have two dogs and three cats.  Small spaces and that hoard of critters makes me rethink how much I love being a pet owner.  I say I will done for awhile after these guys…but….
2:  What was your favorite food as a kid?  Is it the same or has it changed?
I think cottage cheese was my all time favorite.  All time.  Prairie Farms.  I especially enjoyed covering it with salad dressing.  Back then it was creamy cucumber which has since been discontinued.  Though this tasty treat is still on my top five, it’s no longer my all time favorite.  I think brownies have officially conquered that beloved trophy spot.
3:  What is your favorite hobby?
I really enjoy gardening.  I love growing anything and get so much satisfaction from it.  I remember a time when my thumb was the blackest thumb in central Illinois.  Baby step after baby step later, I am now an amateur master of my own gardening universe.  I am the garden.
4:  If you HAD to move to a different state or country, where would it be?
Wisconsin.  Closer to family and I love the north woods.  I’ve always dreamed of retiring on the lake up near our family cabins.  So much peace.  One of my very special places.
5:  Are you a winter or summer person?
I think I’m more of a spring or fall person.  I’m not a fan of extreme temperatures and my preferred attire is generally flip flops and a sweatshirt.  
6:  What makes you happy?
People being quirky, coffee in the morning, a warm breeze filled with scents of life and nature, warm smiles, Mr. Jackson, my family, brownies, good food, good friends, accomplishing a task and having it turn out just right.  There are all kinds of little things and moments that make me happy.  These are the sparkles I cherish and hope to find along the way.
7:  What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?
I have no idea!  If something comes to mind I will come back and change this answer….my brain is frantically flipping through its mental Rolodex….
8:  If you HAD to go on an adventure with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why?
Probably hobbits because they seem kind and drama free.  The older I get, the more these qualities are desireable and endearing.
9:  You are at a rural retreat some where deep in Wisconsin or Canada.  You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it on your lap.  What do you do?
Well…..probably giggle and politely decline.  If he persists, I would find a pair of gloves and a towels and hold the thing for him.
10:  What was your first job?
Lingerie Salesperson 
11:  What is your favorite utensil?
Either a cocktail fork or an ice cream spoon.  There’s something about the size difference that makes me giddy.

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