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And so it begins…

…the next chapter in the evolution of me.  I’m so ready to blog again but couldn’t bear to continue on with the baggage of everything I have been through.  I’m not saying that I am trying to forget, rather, I’m moving forward in a positive way.  Letting go and allowing myself the freedom to find the sparkles in life.  I hope this new blog shows testament to that.  Sure I will probably have my not so awesome days, but I promise to be as real as I always have been before.  Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to experiencing this journey of searching for sparkles with you!


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. New blog, ey? I haven't even caught up on your old one… but maybe I'll be a better follower from now on. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading and commenting 🙂


  2. Thank YOU for stopping by too! Although it had some good content, I'm not proud of some of the things I blogged out of anger and frustration in the old blog. Raw and real for sure, but it was time to start a new chapter. By the way, as a shameless follower, you were my inspiration to start a week in pictures!!


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